70s Eye Makeup: Perfect Tutorial Step By Step

70s Eye Makeup is the type of makeup that is most popular during the 1970s. The most iconic example of this type of makeup is probably the vibrant blue eye that Brooke Shields wore in the movie “Blue Lagoon.”

Here is a great tutorial showing how you can create this funky 70s eye for yourself. The best thing about it is that it seems pretty simple to do and should be achievable by most women with some makeup experience.

70s Eye Makeup
70s Eye Makeup

This particular video walks through all the steps needed in creating your 70s eye makeup. I’ve been thinking about doing this makeup for a costume party that we’re having at work.

70s Eye Makeup Amazing Tutorial Steps by Steps

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The 70s Eye Makeup is the type of eye makeup that is most popular during this time. Here are some pictures of creating your own 70’s eye makeup from using the tutorial described above.

I love the variety of styles and colors featured here. Go ahead and try this out, and don’t forget to leave your comments after!

1) Begin by creating a base of eye shadow using a light shimmery color. In this tutorial, the makeup artist uses a mixture of soft pink and white eye shadow to apply to her eyelids and under her eyes with an eyeshadow brush.

2) Apply black liquid liner to your top and bottom waterlines. Draw a line up at least as high as your natural crease and then another thin line at the ends of your lash line for an extra touch of drama.

3) Use three shades of blue eye shadow (blue, aqua, and turquoise) on your eyelids. Apply the lightest shade to the inner corner of each eye, and then use the second darkest shade in the center of your lid—the dark shade used in the outer corners of your eyes.

4) Use a soft shimmery purple-pink color as a highlighter on your brow bone.

5) Apply black mascara to the upper and lower lashes and two coats of black cream 70s eyeliner.

6) Line your lips with a thin line of dark plum lipstick, and then fill in the rest of your lips using a peachy color that is nearly identical in tone (but not the same color).

7) Use light pink blush on your cheeks and a bit at the center of your lips. 

8) Finish off with bronzer to warm up your face, as well as suntan lotion or powder. The makeup artist uses brown eyeshadow on her nose for contouring, but most women will want to do this with bronzer instead.

9) Add a touch of white or silver eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye.

10) Spray fake tan on the rest of your body, especially paying attention to your legs and chest. Finish off with a classic 1970s hairstyle like Farrah Fawcett’s iconic “flip.”It is just a long, side-parted hairstyle with bangs. Remember to curl your hair before pinning it up and back into a bun in the back of your head.

11) Wear a pair of platform shoes and a loose-fitting dress or jumpsuit. Add on some costume jewelry like wide plastic necklaces, chunky bracelets, and oversized hoop earrings.

I hope you enjoyed this fun 1970s eye makeup tutorial. I would love to hear from all of you if you find that this gives you trouble, or if there is a step missing from this video.

Here are a few more fabulous 1970s eye makeup ideas

  • Wear bold red lipstick that matches your dress and shoes.
  • Use blue eye shadow or eyeshadow eyeliner to create the infamous “Smurfette” look from the cartoon series. Create a thin line of blue around your upper lashline, as well as a more delicate line at the outer corners. Then use an eyeshadow brush to blend the blue into the crease of your eye.
  • Try a 70 makeup look using aqua or silver eye shadow at the center of your eyelids, and then line your top lash line with black liquid liner. This style is very reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic “flip” hairstyle.
  • Use a dark brown to black eyeshadow color for the outer corners of your eyes while also lining your top lashline with it. It is an example of how you can use this look if you’re going out for a night on the town. You’ll want to wear deep red lipstick and have a more dramatic eye makeup look to go with it.
  • Make a “sugar skull makeup” look for Dia de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations. Start by creating a base of lightish purple eyeshadow, and then line your upper lash line and lower waterline with a black liquid liner. Use silver glitter on top of the purple for your lid. Also, line your lower lashline with silver glitter and use a kohl pencil to draw on the shape of a skull.
  • Use orange, red, or gold eye shadow for an “Egyptian makeup” look appropriate for an Egyptian costume or dance performance. I’ve seen this style used by dancers in belly dance performances before, as well as in Egyptian-themed musicals.

If you’re looking for a fun, sexy 70s eye makeup look, try either the “smoky eye” or “bold and dramatic eyes” looks with sultry red lipstick that matches your outfit.

Pinup your hair with bobby pins, and then use some hairspray to give it a bit of height. Finish off your look with a psychedelic top like the black and white gingham shirt in this video tutorial.

You could wear a sexy slip dress instead. You’re ready for any 1970s movie date night!

The Bottom Line

The 70 s makeup were all about bright colors, bold patterns, and extravagant styles. This trend is still alive today, so if you want to take a trip down memory lane.

Just put on some of your favorite tunes from the decade like Blondie or David Bowie, find an old photo album (or look them up online).

Get ready for a wild time! Remember that this isn’t your typical makeup tutorial. Instead, think glittery eyeshadows, pink lips with 70s blue eyeshadow around the brow bone. Or even red lipstick paired with green eyeliner.

If these looks sound too daring, then try out one of our other tutorials but be warned – we may have something in common with those seventies’ trends after all!

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