How To Make 7kg weight loss In a Month: Best 12 Tricks

Is it possible to 7kg weight loss in a month? Yes, it is possible. The reason why people are gaining weight is that they don’t know what they eat.

They consume many items full of fat and calories without knowing about it.

How To Make 7kg Weight Loss In A Month
How To Make 7kg Weight Loss In A Month

So the only solution is to count your calorie intake per day by keeping track of what you put inside your mouth. You will be surprised by how much you are eating.

How To Make 7kg weight loss In a Month?

One can achieve 7kg weight loss in a month by following some tricks, which are given below:

1) 5-2 fast diet trick

If you eat 500 calories less than your normal calorie intake per day, this will help you lose 1 to 2 kgs every week easily and naturally. It is not very difficult and does not require any special effort.

2) Drink A Lot Of Water On an Empty Stomach

Our weight loss secret is this; we drink a lot of water (minimum 2-3 liters per day).

If you drink a lot of water, you will not feel hungry, and your body will start burning stored fat due to the lack of carbs in the body. One can lose as much as one kgs weight per day drinking water on an empty stomach.

3) Green tea For Weight Loss

Green tea is a very powerful fat burner and provides a lot of energy to a person who drinks it.

It also helps digest the food fast and easily, which leads to natural weight loss without any side effects of pills or supplements.

4) Take Healthy Breakfast With Proteins

Many people skip their breakfast which leads to more fat storage in the body as one cannot control their appetite during the day.

So it is very important to make a healthy breakfast with good proteins, vitamins, and minerals for healthy living.

5) Take High Protein Foods

High proteins foods are very important for weight loss because they provide fewer fats and more energy to the body.

So always take high protein food items like eggs, pulses, soya beans, etc.

6) Fruits Are Best For Weight Loss

Fruits should be part of your daily diet while on a weight loss plan. All fruits are good for weight loss, but the best are apples, oranges, grapes, etc.

7) Reduce Intake Of Oil

Oil is a high source of calories, so always reduce your intake while on a weight loss plan.

You can use oil for cooking, but don’t consume it directly in your daily food items or snacks.

8) Sleep At Least 8 Hours

Always sleep at least 8 hours because lack of sleep leads to a bad mood, laziness, and fat storage in the body.

We all know that mood directly affects our weight loss plan, so always try to be happy by sleeping well.

9) Drink Coffee But Don’t Consume Milk In It

Coffee is also a source of energy and fights fatigue. Coffee is good for weight loss as it stimulates the enzymes that help your body’s fat-burning process.

10) Reduce Intake Of Alcohol

Alcohol contains many calories, so if you are on a weight loss plan, it is better to avoid it completely or limit your intake to 2 drinks per day without any coke in it.

11) Fresh Vegetables Are Best For Weight Loss

All fresh vegetables are best for weight loss because they contain healthy ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. But avoid taking potatoes in your daily diet while on a weight loss plan.

12) Avoid Junk Food Completely

Junk food completely spoils our weight loss plan, so always avoid it if you want to achieve your goal in a month or two.

Junk food contains trans fats, which are very harmful to our health and lead to bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Exercise For 7kg weight loss In a Month

1) Do 30 minutes Jogging Every Day

One should do jogging or any other exercise for at least thirty minutes every day.

This exercise does not require any special equipment, and one can easily get it done in the morning by going out of their home.

2) Take A Walk Every Morning

Taking a walk for at least thirty minutes every morning is very important while on a weight loss plan. It burns fats and provides energy to the body, which people usually lack during dieting.

3) Swimming Is A Good Exercise

Swimming is good for health and helps in losing weight naturally since it requires a lot of water in the body while swimming.

So one should make it a part of his weight loss plan at least for ten days in a week to lose 7kgs weight easily and quickly.

4) Do Yoga To Get A Slim Body

Yoga is also another very good exercise that gives you a slim and fit body if done regularly without skipping any single day. So always include yoga in your daily workout session to lose weight naturally.

5) Sit Ups Are Also Very Good Exercise For Weight Loss

Sit-ups are also an important exercise for weight loss program as they provide you a slim body and control the appetite of the person who is overweight or obese.

Is 7kg weight loss In a Month Healthy?

Yes, 7kg weight loss in a month is very healthy as it helps obese and overweight people to reduce their weight naturally without going through any medication.

One can see the results within 30 days if they are regular with their workout and diet plan and avoiding unhealthy foods.

Hence 7kg weight loss in a month is healthy, but it also helps obese people reduce weight naturally.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss is a great challenge for people who are obese or overweight. There are many methods to lose weight, but most require lots of effort and time, whereas some prove hazardous.

But nowadays there is a new technique available which has become very popular among people because of its quick results, and it doesn’t even require extra effort from your side.

That technique is called “7KG weight loss in 30 days”. The FDA has not approved treatment for this condition, so consult your doctor before deciding to use the treatment.

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