Anime Inspired Nail Art: Amazing 5 Steps

Anime Inspired Nail Art is the latest trend in nail art. The designs are inspired by Anime and manga. The designs are colorful and creative yet simple.

Each design has a story behind it, or one can also have one, depending on your own imagination. When we see these nails online, we often wonder if they will look similar even with our own nail artist application and skill level. 

The anime nails trend began with the cute and unique character, moe. Moe is a Japanese slang word that obsessively refers to feelings of love.

These feelings are often romantic or sexual and are felt toward characters in movies, Anime, video games, or manga.  

Anime nails were created as a result of Japanese influence in fashion. With the release of many popular Japanese-style anime shows such as Bleach or Fairy Tail, there was a huge interest in the style and culture.

This blog post will guide you through every step to create Anime inspired Nail Art.

What Makes a Nail Art Design Anime?

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The design of the nails is probably the most important element to get an anime look. A few elements that make any nail art look anime are:

1) The color theme with a balance of light and dark colors, vibrant and pastel colors.

2) All detail should be symmetrical, especially in the character’s hair or face.

Anime Inspired Nail Art
Anime Inspired Nail Art

3) Most designs have a gradient background or lighter color for background, making it seem like it’s not long enough.

4) The use of light, small and fine lines over a dark background

5) The eyes are very important in anime design. They should be big, maybe have a shine or sparkle in them. The color of the eye can be vibrant or pastel color.

6) The character’s body should be slim and long with small or nonexistent hips.

7) All face features should be symmetrical. Flawless and fine lines are not acceptable. A small round or heart-shaped face is preferred.

Where to Begin and How to Get Started with Your Design?

Since anime nails are very detail-oriented, the first step may seem overwhelming. The process of getting started will take a little time and patience on your part.

You can rush it, but you are likely to end up with two symmetrical characters on your nails, and sadly it will look fake.

Make sure you have a lot of space for the design you want to create since every piece is connected and will be created on every nail. 

You’re going to want a lot of reference material. It’s not cheating. It’s just quicker. I like to use google images and Pinterest as my first source of inspiration.

Look for an image that you like and search for similar images along with synonyms of your image.

To find more images of the same type, open up a new tab or window on Google and then type in “anime nails” or “anime nail art” along with your synonym.

How To Do Anime Inspired Nail Art?

The most popular method of creating these nails is to cut out a small shape or picture, following the same steps as you would if you were doing an enamel stamp.

However, if this is not your preferred nail art technique,  you can take a photo or design and place it on top of your nail. 

When doing this, it’s important to make sure that the base color is opaque enough to cover your design. 

Step 1: Take a nail polish and paint it on a base color. 

Step 2: Once the nail polish is dry, place the design on your nail and let it sit for about 5 minutes. 

Step 3: Then, push the design down onto your nail with the tip of your finger or tweezers with caution.

Step 4: Once the design is secure, use a dotting tool to create fine lines in all of the intricate parts of the design. 

Step 5: Finish off your design with a topcoat.

You can also use a dual-ended stamping tool to create the image on your nails. This method is quicker and requires less precision.

All you need to do is put the white rubber side down on your nail, then place it back in the tool and remove the excess rubber that is sticking out of the end of the stamper.

The Bottom Line

The nail art world is filled with many different types of nail designs. Anime inspired nails are easy to do, require little skill, and can be done by anyone.

Get creative and let your imagination guide you to the Anime inspired nail art you have always wanted to try.

Thank you for reading this article. I really hope that it has been useful for you.

I’ll see you in my next blog post!

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