Best 3 Types Of Anti-Cellulite Creams

Do Anti-Cellulite Creams Really Work? Cellulite is a problem for many women, regardless of age or lifestyle. Even some model athletes, most of whom have a trim shape, often have “orange peel” in the lower part of the body.

Getting rid of it is not always easy. But one helpful tool can quickly and effectively cope with it – a special anti-cellulite cream. And the anti-cellulite hot cream benefits we will consider in this article.

Creams “from cellulite” are often paired with creams “for weight loss.” Still, because the functionality of these funds is quite different: the first visually smooth out the relief of the manifestation of cellulite was less noticeable, the second is designed to reduce the volume in centimeters.

Anti-Cellulite Creams
Anti-Cellulite Creams

Both are temporary and decorative measures. Wow-result; just one application of hot cream tightening and slimming, in any case, will not give, but to consider the funds empty, too, wrong. This applies, at least, to anti-cellulite creams and serums, which will be discussed below.

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What are the causes of cellulite?

Cellulite can appear for one or more reasons:

  • Improper lifestyle;
  • Overweight;
  • Dehydration of the body;
  • Unbalanced diet;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Genetic characteristics of the body;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Anxiety, frequent stress;
  • Metabolic disorders in the body.

Types of anti-cellulite creams


The action of such preparations is enhanced by actively rubbing into the skin. After that, their components penetrate deeply into the intercellular space, break down fats, improve blood flow and remove toxins.


They improve the blood flow to the areas of cellulite accumulation. Hot anti-cellulite creams accelerates blood circulation between the cells, removing excess fluid. Thus occurs smoothing the surface of the skin.


They are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Cooling compositions have a mild effect: they relieve swelling, moisturize the subcutaneous layers, and remove excess fat.

Does hot cream work for weight loss?

When it comes to effectiveness, anti-cellulite creams are much better than other forms of anti-cellulite products.

However, every woman should consider the presence of aggressive ingredients in such cosmetics and be guided primarily by the body’s reaction when applying the cream to the skin.

Express program: how to get rid of cellulite in 2 weeks

1. Proper nutrition

The appearance of cellulite can be explained first of all by a metabolic disorder: toxins are retained and accumulate in the cells, due to which there are seals in the tissues, which create the effect of “orange peel” on the skin.

Here we can also include hormonal disorders, stress, lack of exercise, and improper diet. To cope with cellulite, you need a comprehensive approach, including training, cosmetic procedures, and a balanced diet.

Bravely cut out from your diet flour, fast food, other simple carbohydrates, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and salty foods, which inevitably lead to fluid retention in the body and thus contribute to the accumulation of toxins.

Make it a habit to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day (this does not include tea and coffee), and also try to switch to a diet of small portions. Do not neglect breakfast, and a couple of hours later, have a snack, which halves the risk of overeating at lunch and dinner.

You should also include many greens, vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, pumpkins, nuts in your diet – these products are rich in potassium, which helps maintain the necessary water balance in cells and gradually cleanses the body of toxins.

2. Exercise

Sports are an essential part of the way to a perfect body without a gram of cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite on thighs and bum? The main thing in this matter is regularity: you must exercise at least three times a week.

In this case, your schedule should include both strength and cardio exercises. The most commonplace for the appearance of “orange peel” – the buttocks and thighs, so the set of activities in the gym should be aimed at these muscle groups.

Squats are the most effective among basic exercises to get rid of cellulite on thighs. You can vary the load by shifting the feet at different widths (starting with a shoulder-width apart position and ending with a vast stance).

Good old-fashioned lunges will be equally effective: you can do them in a linear (forward and backward), crosswise (control the amplitude), and laterally (to the right and the left). Be sure to watch the position of the knee, which should be strictly perpendicular to the heel.

The third exercise could be a deadlift with a small weight. Using the neutral alignment of your back (do not round your back in any way), all the load is redistributed to the hip joints and glutes.

3. The warming effect of an anti-cellulite creams

The principle of action of anti-cellulite creams are intensive warming of the dermis and nearby tissues. This cosmetic helps to eliminate cellulite and also has the following effects:

All warming agents have a lymphatic drainage effect, so their daily use makes the skin gradually firmer, tighter, and more elastic.

The disadvantages of rubbing such a cream can include a burning sensation and discomfort that subside after a few sessions. This is considered a pretty normal reaction of the body.

However, if you have a low pain threshold or contraindications to any of the components of the remedy, it is recommended to stop using it.

If you have no contraindications and desire to get rid of cellulite, you can use an effective warming anti-cellulite creams. But still, the total result can be achieved only comprehensively, combining cosmetics with sports and proper nutrition.

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