Are Harvest Snaps Healthy: 5 Best Health Benefits

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy? Harvest Snaps are a new “healthy” snack food that’s recently emerged on the market.

They claim to be GMO-free, gluten-free, and vegan, with ingredients free of artificial preservatives and colors. The big question is: Are Harvest Snaps Healthy?

As a nutritionist, I get asked this question quite often. So I’m going to answer it right here and now. There’s no one right answer because everyone has different dietary needs. But I’m going to go over the facts, and you can decide for yourself. 

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy?

First, let’s look at the ingredients, then we’ll discuss what the science says about each of them.

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy
Are Harvest Snaps Healthy

Harvest Snaps Ingredients: 

1. Brown Rice Flour

This can be a quality source of carbohydrates for a carb-based diet. However, it does not contain any protein or fiber. It is also very high in omega-6 fatty acids and lectins that may promote inflammation.

2. Vegetable Oil

This one comes with a huge “maybe.” It can be a good source of omega-6 fats, but it’s also high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids that may cause inflammation if eaten to excess.  (Source)

3. Non-GMO Soy Protein Isolate  

The jury is still out on this ingredient, but there’s not enough evidence to say if it is truly healthy or not. There have been concerns about it, but the FDA does not endorse a ban on soy products.  

One problem is that soy protein isolate is made from genetically modified (GM) soy, which may be harmful to some people. However, there aren’t any long-term studies on the effects of GM foods on humans.

4. Corn Syrup Solids

Corn syrup solids are high on the glycemic index. Moderate amounts of corn syrup solids in a diet can lead to blood sugar fluctuations and increased appetite and cravings. 

5. Undeclared Preservatives

This is another question mark with no real answer from the FDA yet. If you want to avoid these ingredients, choose an organic brand and check the label carefully to ensure that the FDA has not yet approved them.

5 Best Health Benefits Of Eating Harvest Snaps

One study found that Harvest Snaps contain antioxidants, and their vitamin C is reportedly very high. It’s true, but you have to look at the entire package.

Harvest Snaps don’t contain any fruit, which can be a good source of antioxidants. They also don’t contain nuts, citrus fruits, and berries, which are all good sources of antioxidants that may also be found in Harvest Snaps.

Here I have listed 5 Health Benefits:

1. Vitamin C: Heart Health, Bone Health, Combats Cancer

Harvest Snaps are a high-protein food and seem to be higher in some nutrients than other snacks. Vitamin C is one of the primary antioxidants found in foods. 

2. Zinc Zinc is an essential nutrient that helps regulate cell growth and division. It plays a large part in immune response and cell division. 

3. Magnesium Magnesium is a mineral needed for hundreds of functions in the body. It helps maintain healthy bones and muscles and immune system function. 

4. Potassium Potassium regulates blood pressure and blood vessel tone but is also important for heart health, nerve transmission, and metabolism. 

5. Fiber Fiber is a carbohydrate that the body can’t digest. It may help lower blood cholesterol. 

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy For Weight Loss?

Harvest Snaps are not a weight-loss food. They may even be harmful to weight loss. The main reason is that they contain a large amount of added sugar.

One serving has 20 grams of sugar, which is more than the 15 grams of sugar found in an Oreo cookie! Harvest Snaps have some protein and fiber, but it only amounts to 10 grams and 2 grams.

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy For Diabetics?

Harvest Snaps are not a healthy snack for people with diabetes. This is particularly true if they have insulin resistance. The main problem with a portion of food like this is that it’s so high in glycemic load and does not offer any fiber to resolve the issue.  

That means you’ll get a spike of glucose in your bloodstream from eating them, and then there isn’t enough fiber to help stabilize your blood sugar afterward, causing you to need more and more insulin to tackle the issue.

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy For Pregnant?

The answer can be a bit tricky here, but the fact is that it’s not a food that you should have while pregnant.  It has some protein, but there isn’t much else to offer in terms of nutrients.

It’s also high in chemicals, preservatives, and additives. They don’t contain any real fruit or vegetables, making them less nutritious than some more natural snacks.

Are Harvest Snaps Healthy For Kids?

Harvest Snaps are not healthy snacks for kids. This is likely because it’s high in sugar. Harvest Snaps are a snack that kids can eat, but they should be consumed no more than once or twice a day.  

If you give one to your child or let them eat one, be very careful about portion control and limit their intake.

The Bottom Line

There are better, more nutritious choices that you can pack with you when traveling. They should not be consumed more than twice a day, so they’re not something that you’d want to stock up on.

If you like the convenience of Harvest Snaps as a snack and like their taste, then enjoy them in moderation. However, I think there are better snacks out there that are much healthier for you.


Are harvest snap peas good for you?

No, they are not. Harvest snap peas, also known as sugar snap peas, include several chemicals and preservatives.  They are best avoided by people with sensitive gastrointestinal systems or those with stomach cramps or diarrhea issues.

Are Harvest Snaps processed?

Harvest Snaps are processed but not like most other snacks. They are made from fresh produce and do not contain preservatives or refined sugar.

Are Harvest Snaps healthy?

Harvest Snaps are a healthy snack if consumed in moderation. They are not particularly healthy for people who have diabetes, obesity, or heart disease.

Do Harvest Snaps count as a vegetable?

Harvest Snaps are technically a vegetable, but most people would call them an herb.

How many calories are in Harvest Snaps?

Harvest Snaps have a good amount of calories, which may cause weight gain.  The serving size is just 6 pieces, and each piece contains 2 grams of fiber.

Are Harvest Snaps gluten-free?

This depends on the brand, but most Harvest Snaps are gluten-free. You can check the packaging or contact the company to find out if they’re gluten-free.

Are Harvest Snaps Keto?

Harvest Snaps are not keto, but they are low in carbs. They have some fiber, so they’re better than most other snacks.

Are Harvest Snap peas organic?

This depends on the brand you choose and whether or not there is an organic version available. Most brands don’t offer an organic option, but a few companies do.

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