Why You Should Consider Bion Skin Care: 7 Amazing Benefits Of Using!

Bion Skin Care is a new skin care brand with a reputation for its natural ingredients and luxurious packaging. It aims to help users achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin by providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

It is already making waves with its range of skincare products for women. These include their Rose Face Moisturizer, Rose Body Moisturizer, Aloe Vera Gel, and Tea Tree Gel.

The whole range has been developed to provide the ultimate quality of care for skin and hair. Besides, they use natural ingredients and are packed into tempting packages.

The Rose Face Moisturizer is a moisturizing formula enriched with roses. At the same time, the Tea Tree Gel uses tea tree as its main ingredient designed to combat acne-causing bacteria, shrink pores and cleanse.

Bion Skin Care
Bion Skin Care

They also offer Ginkgo Biloba Moisturizing Serum for sensitive skin that can easily be applied on the face and necks using their uniquely limited warming nozzles or sponge applicators specially shaped to guide product precisely in hard-to-reach areas of your face like chin, nose, etc.

7 benefits of using Bion Skin Care products

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1. Intensive moisturizing properties – it can give you that much-needed smoothing, radiant glow, and texture in your skin within just a few uses.

2. Restorative – instant hydration to lessen redness and damage from past blemishes or scars as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines on your face after every use by focusing specifically where they are most visible for optimal effects

3. Lightweight, Fresh & Refreshing Feel! Bion Skin Care products feel cool against the skin upon first application, which stays longer than most other moisturizers available at drugstores because all their ingredients are deliberately mild in regards to their properties.

4. Special Formulation Retains Moisture Just Short of Alcohols – This keeps your skin feeling and looking smoother faster than alcohol-based moisturizers. Which can actually add a drying effect by taking away some of the natural oils from your body’s surface too rapidly, causing you to overcompensate for it.

5. Anti-Scale Promoting Properties minimize pores appearance on face & neck by causing them to go smaller after each use, especially visible around your nose if used morning & night instead of washing daily.  (this only works best with their proprietary FORMULA for BION SKINCARE!)

6. AntiOxidants – include many beneficial bioactive ingredients like Vitamin A, E, Calendula Oil, etc. Vitamin A is a powerful free-radical fighter that can help control aging signs (including some dark circles and puffy look) by promoting cell renewal.

7. Focus on Shape + Leanness: Many popular manufacturers out there will promote comfort with their products being vague at best about the actual intended outcome, such as reducing “pores” instead of knowing for sure what kind of effect you’re getting from using them means you’re usually just overpaying for mostly hype.

How do the products work?

BION SKIN CARE has its own proprietary formula to ensure consistent results; however, they offer also 3 complementary products that follow the same philosophy:

The formula of Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser (bondage function only) – free from harmful alkaline and other chemicals in a mild manner begins expelling by gently removing dirt & oil combined with hydrating citrus extracts. 

It soothes skin after cleansing while leaving behind lightly faded radiance, especially visibly on the face or neck, absorbing deeply into pores, specifically targeting dullness to prevent later discoloration.

The formula of Toning Sleep Mask will help result in quality sleep for even the grouchiest of peeps or those needing to catch up on restorative & rejuvenating beauty activities.

This is a gentle way to combat fatigue from natural yet potent ingredients like red clover extract. The formula of Hydrating Foot Creme: Rich skin-softening formulas, including jojoba oils.

And rose extracts (rosehip oil/seed) combined with purified water + nourishing coconut alumina powder LEDs gloriously clean, fresh feeling above! Preservative-free for better breathing freedom.

What are the ingredients in Bion Skin Care products?

The products are safe to use with Bion’s commitment to producing high-end skin care without harmful chemicals for user comfort.

Below is a list of the main lines used by most. However, there will be some variations on them—for example, Cyclopentasiloxane being sometimes replaced or vice versa, which doesn’t necessarily mean we favor one over another:


iPS Hydro Active is composed of moisturizing ingredients such as water and fermentable proteins, preservatives & emulsifying agents.

That claim improved hydration properties through the skin on their own or by preventing water evaporation and/or penetration through the outermost layer.

Are any of the ingredients harmful to my skin or hair?

The Bion Skincare products carry the standard U.S. FDA approval for manufacturer safety & are deemed effective according to consumers’ experiences and feedback on their websites, etc.

Products do not contain harmful ingredients like parabens (see my review of Alba’s Strawberry Shampoo, which contains none), synthetic fragrances, mold or yeast containment systems, or azo dyes.

SLS remains fully compatible with Serumolizing Cationic Polymer in our Anti Age Retention Cream.

DETOXING CAROTENOID” As per every time I pick up an ingredient, I check whether it is one of the ingredients in Bion that we believe could potentially play up skin reactions from our type of keratosis pilaris flare-ups.

This time around, this ingredient caught my eye – and didn’t exactly go well with me 🙂 – so here’s what 1st Active Ingredients list for Olive Squalene:

Squalene does not have a long history as an active skincare ingredient but rather hydrolyzed oil squalane or diminution product aka detoxification agent.

Since some sufferers note worsening blemishes after using certain concoctions, I thought it best to check whether Olive Squalene (also being beautifully named ‘olive oil ester’ ) is one of the ingredients that might do so. 

Hydrolyzed olive squalene — a dimerized derivative of hydroquinone oleate — has apparently been used in emollient treatments such as anti-wrinkle creams with no reported negative side effects.

However, other care products have contained excessive amounts and given rise to blackheads on skin utilizing the concentration placed upon its use.

The Bottom Line

We all want to look our best, and the Bion Skin Care products are designed to do just that. The Bion skin care products can help you achieve a healthier, younger-looking complexion with their use.

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