Can You Workout After Microneedling: 5 Best WorkOuts

Can you workout after microneedling? It would be best to avoid doing any workout or exercise when healing from your treatment. After the treatment, contact your skin specialist, who can recommend a good time frame for working out again.

You should not have any trouble with the needles causing bleeding during or after the procedure and if you do, let them know immediately so they can stop it or offer advice on how to prevent it.

Some people find that when their skin heals from the microneedling treatment, their skin becomes slightly more sensitive, and that can cause a small amount of bleeding. This is temporary and will go away once the skin has healed.

It is also recommended that you never take any medication starting within 2 hours before or after your microneedling session. You should always be well hydrated before a procedure is done.

Can You Workout After Microneedling?

As I said before, avoiding any workout or exercise when healing from your treatment would be best. However, once your skin specialist gives you the green light, you can go back to the gym and have a great time exercising if that is what you like doing.

You can ask yourself a question, Can I Workout After Microneedling? You are free to go if you think your body can handle the workout. Just make sure that you are doing whatever is advised by your skin specialist or the technician who performed your treatment for it to heal faster.

Can You Workout After Microneedling

But all exercise is not perfect for this time. Below, I have listed the types of workouts or physical activities that should not be attempted.

5 Best Exercise After Microneedling

1. Strength Training

Every time you lift weights in the gym, you put your body under strain, and it is not exactly the kind of thing you want to do when recovering from a procedure. They might also cause bleeding. So just stay away from them until the wound is completely healed.

2. Pulling Exercises

You cannot lift heavy weights because the skin may be too fragile for this, and the weight would be more likely to aggravate your wounds instead of healing them. So, if you want to do any pulling exercises, it would be best to do light workouts like yoga, where you don’t have to pull the body much.

3. Core Training

Core strength is important for maintaining balance and supporting the body during walking, running, and jumping. If you live in a core workout routine, it is okay but just be careful not to lift heavy weights that can strain your skin even more.

4. Getting Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Your skin will need time to rest and heal; working out daily would break it down faster than healing it. It would be best if you could take a break from your exercises for at least a few days to let your skin get the treatment it needs.

So, again, let your skin specialist know about this procedure before you start doing any of these workouts or exercises so he can give you the clearance that your skin can handle the workout.

5. General Exercises

If you want to work out but do not know which one would be best for you, try out some general exercises that would not put too much pressure on your skin. Here are a few that are easy to do and won’t hurt your skin.

How Long After Microneedling Can I Wear Sunscreen?

When your skin is healing, you can never be too safe. If you are in the sun, use sunscreen designed for extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays. It will also help prevent skin-related issues like wrinkles and skin cancer.

So, if your skin is still healing from this small procedure, keep in mind that it may take some time before you can apply sunscreen on your face without feeling burning or irritated.

When Can You Exercise After Microblading?

Going back to the question, “Can I Exercise After Microneedling?” you should not start working out for about 2 weeks.

Why is that? After receiving treatment like microneedling, your skin will be painful and swollen. The area around the injection site may become red and tender as well. This is because the injected pigment is still settling in your skin.

Your body also needs time to recover from the discomfort of the prickling pain that it felt during your microneedling procedure.

You will also be advised to take care of your skin. The technician who performed the procedure may tell you that you must avoid sweating and sunlight for a while. You should also avoid scrubbing your skin with a loofah or harsh chemicals.

Can I Go For A Walk After Microneedling?

After the procedure, you are advised to walk lightly on flooring that is not hard and not slippery as you will risk falling. Sit down to avoid further injury if you feel dizzy or unsteady while walking.

Also, ensure that anyone who accompanies you is holding your hand so that if you fall over during your walk, they can catch your fall. If you continue to walk before the bruises and swelling from the procedure have gone away or have faded a bit, they can come back.

Can I Workout Before Microneedling?

You can work out or exercise as you wish as long as it does not involve something that can cause bleeding. Work out on an empty or full stomach if you are unsure. It is also advised to stay away from sweating during your workout and exercise for at least 2 weeks.

When To Wash Face After Microneedling?

It would be best if you only washed your face after it is completely healed. That means no serious damage to your skin, like cuts or bruises, would be there. You should also not feel itching and burning sensations when washing your face. If you do, your skin may still be healing.

Washing your face 1-2 times per day is okay if you do it gently with a nonabrasive cleanser. Make sure that you are not rubbing the cleanser or scrubbing. This will help prevent irritation to your skin from the procedure.

Can I Use Sunscreen After Microneedling?

Avoid using products on your skin for at least a few days after microneedling. It is best to wait for the area around the injection site to heal completely before you apply sunscreen or anything that could be harsh on your skin.

You can always ask your technician what is best for you if you are unsure about this.

How Long After Microneedling Can I Sweat?

You can sweat as you wish even if your procedure was high-profile and you have not been warned to avoid sweating. This is also true for the areas around your injection site.

It is best to not shower for about 1 day after microneedling, as this will help prevent swelling and bruising of the area around the injection site.

Otherwise, getting a ton of water through that area would be especially hard. It is also advised to avoid exercising for a few days after microneedling with high-frequency and intense workouts, as this may cause the area around the injection site to swell even more.

What Should You Not Do After Skin Needling?

Here I have made a list that you never do after skin needling.

  1. Don’t Wash Your Face
  2. Never Apply Medicated Ointments Or Creams
  3. Don’t Use Scissors Or Nail Cutters
  4. Don’t Use Any Bleaching Agents
  5. Don’t Smoke, Drink Alcohol Or Take Aspirin
  6. Avoid Excessive Sweating And Heat
  7. Do Not Shave For About 7 Days
  8. Don’t Apply Any Makeup For At Least 5 Days
  9. Don’t Apply Sunscreen For At Least 24 Hours
  10. Don’t Take Hot Showers (Wait For About 48 Hours)
  11. Don’t Rub Your Face Roughly (Gently And Lightly)

The Bottom Line

You can still work out after having microneedling if you are careful about how much you work out and how much time it will take to recover.

It is also important to not overwork the skin around your treatment site, so it does not become irritated or damaged.

Have a safe and healthy workout!

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