Best 5 Prone Yoga Poses & Benefits

Prone Yoga Poses

Prone Yoga Poses are probably the most challenging yoga poses. But you don’t have to be in terrible shape to perform them. The following 5 poses are easy for beginners and will leave you feeling invigorated since they’re in a different angle than other poses. Along with promoting the development of dynamic core strength, these … Read more

5 Best Pretzel Pose Yoga For Women

Pretzel Pose Yoga

Pretzel Pose Yoga is, also known as Yoga Salabasana, is one of the best yoga poses for women. This pose can be done irrespective of your age or fitness level. It combines bridge pose and downward dog, which works on the back muscles, hamstrings, and calves. This pose improves flexibility in the hamstrings and quadriceps … Read more

Best 6 Pack Hand Exercises

6 Pack Hand Exercises

6 Pack Hand Exercises are a special exercise performed on the hands. It focuses on building and toning muscle in the forearms, wrists, and hands. These muscles are often neglected by another muscle groups, so it is important to properly exercise them. This workout aims to build strength in the hand, wrist, and forearms. The … Read more

5 Best 3 People Yoga Poses

3 People Yoga Poses

3 People Yoga Poses is a great way to encourage group bonding, but you don’t need to be in a class. All you’ll need is 3 people plus one mat to do this practice. These poses range from foundation-building exercises that activate and strengthen the body and mindfulness stretches that calm the mind. The poses … Read more

5 Best Hip Dominant Exercises

Hip Dominant Exercises

Hip Dominant Exercises work on the hip muscles and indirectly the glutes. Hip Dominant Exercises can help individuals with back pain and hip problems, such as a wider hip. These exercises are typically done in short sets and reps (usually 10-20), about 30 seconds on/off for each set for every exercise. There are several benefits … Read more

Hello Dollies Exercise: Best 10 Benefits

Hello Dollies Exercise

Hello Dollies Exercise is a top-selling exercise video that thousands of people across the country have fallen in love with. This workout video has been featured on TV shows such as ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘The Doctors, ‘ and ‘Dr. Phil’. Hello Dollies Exercise can be purchased online, such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. Hello Dollies Exercise … Read more