Character Nail Art: 10 Important tips You Should Follow

Character Nail Art is the latest craze in the nail world. It is growing in popularity recently, with people all over showing off their own nails and posting pictures on social media of their dig character.

Of course, the most popular character nail art is of Disney Characters. There are a variety of designs out on the market from popular characters like Donald and Mickey Mouse,

But it is not just Disney characters represented in the art form. Other cartoons and superheroes are appearing in the nail world.

Depending on the type of character you choose and how well they portray, you may want to keep your nails short or long.

What is Character Nail Art?

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Character Nail art is a form of nail art that includes using characters and objects from TV shows, movies, comics, and even video games.

The nails are done in many designs and can be used professionally or just to show off. Like any other form of nail art, the character has to be cleanly done and look good for it to work.

Character Nail Art
Character Nail Art

Characters can be painted on the whole nail, just the tip, or drawn by hand over your own nails. 

While the painting of nails with character designs is not new, it has been getting more attention recently. This has made people want to do this type of art more, which led to its popularity.

How to learn how to do character nail art?

If you’re just starting out with nail art, or any type of nail design for that matter, there are a few tips and pointers you should follow to get the best nails.

Character Nail Art

When you are learning to do character nail art, you need to find a design that works for you. This is the most important part of the art. You need to find what fits your personality best and is something you can be proud of.

There are tons of designs on the internet and through social media. Some of the best character nail art is found on Instagram,

There are tutorials available which can be found easily by just searching on YouTube. If you are still having trouble finding a design that works for you, there are also different groups on Facebook where people post their creations, and others give them feedback. 

What tools do I need?

As with any other form of nail art, success is determined by the tools you have. The tools you need for character nail art will depend on what character you want to do.

Keep in mind that the more complex the design, the harder it will be. You will also need to have a steady hand and good eyesight since sometimes it is hard to place small things on your nails. 

Depending on your style, you may also want to get special tools like dotting tools, brushes, and stencils. These can be found at any local beauty store or online company specializing in nail art supplies.

10 Important tips for designing your own character nails

There are a few tips to keep in mind when you are learning character nail art.

Don’t worry about what other people think about your character nails. There are more important things in the world than how others react to your design. Focus on doing your best and ignore what others say.

Try different designs, especially with complex designs. It is hard to know exactly how they will turn out until you see them done (unless someone posts a picture of their design, of course!).

1. Don’t limit yourself too much, though. Don’t just stick to one design for all your nails. Try different designs and see how each looks and feels on your nails.

2. If you don’t have any special tools, try to find something that looks like the character you want to do (they don’t have to be exact).

3. Research the character and make sure you know what they are wearing, how they are doing their character act, etc.

4. If you will be using nail polish, make sure it is not too thick or thick enough that you can’t place the character on the nail.

5. Don’t take too much time when doing your character designs. Take your time and figure out what is right for you and your nails before working on them.

6. If the design needs a lot of details, like faces and features, take extra time to do them correctly and cleanly.

7. Watch for smudging. If you like the design and it looks good but has some smudging, then use a nail polish remover wipe or acetone to clean it up before it dries.

8. Don’t get frustrated with your first design. Some people will love it, and some won’t. That is the way things go sometimes. Keep working at it and try to improve as you go along.

9. Have fun! You are doing this for yourself, so enjoy!

10. Don’t be afraid to try another character or design. Eventually, you will find one that works for you and is the best you can do.

The Character Nail Art picture shows the final look of the design, which is completed with a topcoat and a coat of polish.

It doesn’t have that shiny glossy finish look but instead has a matte finish which looks very elegant on your nails.

The types of characters you can do

There are a variety of different characters you can do for your nails. Some of the more popular ones include:

  • Gameboy
  • Mario
  • Mario Brothers
  • Disney Characters
  • Superheroes
  • Villains

Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you want to be featured on my next nail art post! I would love to see what kind of nail art you’ve done! 

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