How To Do Coffee Nail Art In Simple 7 Steps

Coffee Nail Art is a technique that mainly consists of drawing coffee rings on the nails. Originally, the idea came from a French concept (called coffee rings) used to decorate coffee cups.

These rings were meant to represent the unique smell of coffee in all types of artwork. But now, it is also used as an artistic way to show you support your favorite team or pop culture figure.

There are different techniques to do the coffee nail art. The most famous one uses a toothpick or a wooden stick to form rings with coffee grinds or paint.

The other technique uses liquid food coloring and water to create similar effects [as the above].

Coffee Nail Art is also used as a kind of therapy for people in desperate situations. It became so popular among people because this art can be done at home and in an easy way.

The different techniques of Coffee Nail Art.

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Everyone should know before beginning with Coffee Nail Art that it will not last too long. The coffee rings can only remain on the nails for 2 days and after redo them.

The best time to make coffee nail art is when you have a coffee date or some party coming up. It is interesting beautiful, and the smell is simply lovely.

How to do Coffee Nail Art?

Here are some instructions on how to do your own Coffee Nail Art:

What you need

To do the nail art, you will need a toothpick or anything made from plastic. Make sure that it is white if you want to use the toothpick.

The procedure

Step 1:

You will start by powdering your nails with non-stick nail polish. This will prevent the skin from discoloring when using a toothpick.  

I use liquid food coloring and water because it is easier to form rings without creating bubbles like other liquid foods.  

I am using a toothpick because it allows you to control the size of the ring and the shape of it. It is unnecessary to be perfect with this kind of art, and many people couldn’t draw coffee rings at all.  

Although drawing coffee rings on your nails is for fun and for show-off, it still doesn’t mean that you can do a bad job.

Coffee Nail Art
Coffee Nail Art

Step 2:

After powdering your nails, you will start by applying the first layer of liquid or food coloring.  It is important to apply this layer because it will make the rings more stable and easier to draw them.  

Step 3:

You will then wait for that layer to harden. You can either do this step at home or in a place where there is no wind so that the rings don’t move and form shapes that are not intended.  

Step 4:

After the rings are dry, you will use a toothpick to draw the rings.  Make sure that your nails are soaked with nail polish remover before drawing.

This is because the toothpick will stick to the nails, and it will be harder to pull them off. You can use a cotton swab instead of a toothpick if you do not have any of these sharp objects at home.  

Step 5:

Apply a second layer of food coloring on the rings. This step is optional, but it will create an effect that looks like you are wearing semi-transparent nail polish.  

Step 6:

When the second layer of food coloring is dry, you can remove the toothpick from your nails. If there are still some places with no color on it, you can use a cotton swab to move the color around and paint over those places.

Step 7:

The last thing you need to do is smooth the surface of the nail art with a topcoat. You can use this same method to create polka dots and hearts. The only difference is that different materials are needed for each part.  

For example, you will need a toothpick or a pin for creating circles and another one for drawing dots. You will also need a thin brush or a cotton swab to paint with liquid food coloring.

Why do people do Coffee Nail Art?

Coffee Nail Art is a popular hobby worldwide because it brings together people of all ages. People like to create coffee rings for fun and show-off or because it is a way to express themselves artistically.

Many use this kind of art as therapy. They like doing this because it can be done at home and in an easy way.

The smell of coffee is also a positive aspect of Coffee Nail Art. People will immediately associate the smell with wearing an artistically decorated nail.

How to make Coffee Nail Art more interesting?

You can make your nails more fun by adding heart or polka dots on top of the rings. You can use different colors to contrast with the coffee-colored rings.  

You can also add multiple layers of liquid food coloring so that you won’t lose the effect of semi-transparency. You can use white nail polish as a base.  

You can also use non-stick nail polishes so that you don’t need to powder your nails with paint. It will also work better in creating transparent designs if you are not using food coloring.  

Another option is just getting a wooden stick and drawing coffee rings on the nails like what I did above.

The Bottom Line

Coffee Nail Art is a great way to make your nails look artistic, fun, and beautiful. Although it is not important to be perfect in this art.

If you are going for the effect of semi-transparency or just doing it for fun, you can still be creative and easily make several different coffee nail art styles.

Coffee Nail Art is easy to do, and there are no particular materials you need because you can use household products.

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