Does Durags Cause Hair Loss: 10 Worst Side Effects

Does Durags Cause Hair Loss? The short answer is no, but it can still cause hair loss. Durags are usually made from polyurethane, which protects your scalp from harmful UV rays.

And even though they don’t cause hair loss, they can slowly debilitate and dry your hair.

So before you buy a Durag out of fear of losing your locks, research its effects on the scalp and hair quality.

What Is A Durags?

Durags are one of the most popular hair caps to use daily. Made from various materials, they’re worn to protect your hair from damage.

They usually come in various colors and designs and can be found at online retailers like Walmart and eBay.

Durags aren’t necessary for any hair loss prevention; some people might even say you shouldn’t wear them, but for the vast majority of people who still wear them, it’s just because they’ve become what many call “habit.

Does Durags Cause Hair Loss?

Durags are usually worn for protection from harmful UV rays, so it makes sense that they would cause hair loss or damage from prolonged use. However, there’s no proof to support this theory.

Does Durags Cause Hair Loss
Does Durags Cause Hair Loss

Durags tend to pull on your hair and cause hair loss, especially if you repeatedly remove them. However, this can be caused by illness or a medical condition, not the Durag itself.

Before buying another one, try a new Durag to see if it causes any damage.

How to Avoid Hair Loss While Wearing Durags

You might notice some hair loss or damage if you wear a Durag for prolonged periods daily. This means the functions of the Durag itself are damaging your hair, not because it’s causing any harm to your scalp or hair.

Despite this, some people claim they’ve cut their hair because their Durags have sometimes caused baldness.

10 Side Effects Of Wearing Durags

Durags have been proven to cause short-term hair loss. However, the evidence to support this claim is not particularly strong.

1. Dry Out Hair

Durags will dry out your hair, but there isn’t any proof that they’ll debilitate and damage your natural hair growth. The best way to avoid this is to try a new Durag every 3-6 months so you always have a fresh one.

2. Lice Problem

Durags won’t protect you from headlice, fleas, or lice either. Although it’s best to wear a protective hat when you’re in public, if you’re going somewhere without one of these, be careful.

3. Cause Strains

Durags can cause strains or sores on your scalp if tight. Ensure that the Durag stretches slightly when you put it on so it doesn’t cause discomfort or pull at your hair.

4. Restricts Hair Growth

Durags will restrict your hair growth, but this is a natural process that happens to everyone. Your hair grows until it gets to a certain point and then stops.

This usually happens once it reaches a certain length, which varies from person to person (for example, you may have naturally curly hair that won’t grow very long).

If you’re worried about your growth, you should take certain supplements or buy hair vitamins but don’t sacrifice the quality of your hair by using a cheap Durag.

5. Lose Hair

There’s no proof that Durags will cause you to lose more hair than any other type of cap, so there’s no need to buy them in the first place if you’re worried about this.

6. Damages The Temples

Some people have claimed that Durags “damage” their temples, but this is not strictly accurate. Certain types of caps can cause damage to your temples, and generally, these are the ones with hard or stiff material or ones that have some elasticity around them. Durags aren’t any of these.

7. Allergic reactions

Durags can cause a rash or allergic reaction, but this is usually caused by something else, not the Durag itself. Try a new Durag every few months to refresh your collection to avoid this.

8. Cause Bacne

Some people have claimed that the Durags they wear cause them to get Bacne (bad acne), but no evidence supports this claim.

9. Cause The Eyebrows To Fall Out

Whether you use a Durag or not, it’s rare to see someone with their eyebrows still growing back. Although it’s possible that the Durags can accelerate this process, the average person doesn’t have bald eyebrows anyway.

10. Too Warm

Durags can cause a fever, but this is more likely due to the heat load from wearing a cap instead of because the Durag itself is hot.

Is it bad to wear a cap every day?

It all depends on your daily routine. If you’re a construction worker who needs a cap to shield your eyes from the sun, it’s okay to wear one daily.

However, if you’re an office worker who wears a cap because you think it will “protect” your hair from damage, then this is very wrong.

The best way to avoid hair loss is to try a new Durag every 3-6 months. Also, you should try to wear something else on your head if you can’t use a Durag, such as a knitted beanie or a stylish hat.

Wearing a durag When sleeping is bad?

No studies prove that wearing a Durag will cause you to wake up with hair loss. Therefore, it’s safe to wear a Durag at night.

Wearing a durag on days you workout

Durags have been proven to cause women’s and men’s hair to grow less long when worn over extended periods.

No matter how well you care for your hair, strong indoor or outdoor exercise can still lead to some damage or loss in the long run.

Does durag help curls?

A durag will help straighten your hair and curl it more easily.

How to tighten your durags?

The only surefire way to tighten your Durags is by using a blow dryer. With this method, you should wear your Durag for about 5 minutes and then blow dry it for 5-10 minutes afterward.

The blow dryer has to be set on a medium heat setting, and if possible, you can use one designed for African-American hair.

Do Durags Help Hair Growth?

The answer to this question is no, as it has been scientifically proven that Durags are not beneficial to hair growth. It has also been proven that they do not make hair thicker, healthier, or shinier.

Durags have a good reputation because they cost less than other types of hats; however, the price shouldn’t be an excuse for you to wear them for extended periods. It’s time to don the old-school baseball cap.

Can I Wear A Durag To Bed?

Not only is this decision an aesthetic one, but it’s also a health-related issue. It’s said that sleeping with a durag on can lead to hair loss, so why risk it?

Especially when you have options like the Braids, and Bun Beanie Hat or the Wrap Cap, the Wrap Cap is known to be elastic, providing a better fit and keeping your hair in its place.

Do Durags Cause Hair Loss?

In regards to this question, the answer is NO. It’s been scientifically proven that durags do not cause hair loss. They can even help prevent hair loss when worn for a certain time.

It comes with a small risk, so you don’t want to wear it for 15 hours a day—if possible.

Why Do Black People Wear Durags To Bed?

The elders of the African American community used to wear durags because they blocked out the cold air. They believed that wearing them to bed at night would help cool them during the night and keep their hair healthy.

Benefits Of Wearing A Durag

Durags stimulate circulation and can help improve circulation; however, the durag itself is not necessarily what you need.

It’s just a form of protection, so it should be worn more like an accessory instead of something you wear all day.

Durags are meant to be used as protective headwear to help keep your hair safe from the elements. If you wake up to find that your Durag has fallen off inside the bed, it’s because your hair got tangled up in its tangles while wearing it.

Can Wearing A Durag Make You Bald?

Does wearing a durag make your hair fall out? No, not that you can see. The answer is no, as it has been scientifically proven that durags do not cause baldness but help prevent it.

Durags are said to be made from the hair of the elephant and have long been used by many ethnic groups in Africa.

However, if this is why you started wearing a durag, you should stop immediately to avoid losing more hair or having any unwanted side effects.

Does Durags For Curly Hair Good?

When you have curly hair, it is okay to wear a durag if it’s not too tight. Based on your hair type, the durag should fit snugly. If it’s too tight, it may make your hair more frizzy than straight. It’s also better to wear it overnight at night.

The durags are not necessary for every kind of hair, but they are necessary for curly hair. You may want to consider a different brand or style if they fail to meet your needs.

How To Wear A Durag With Long Hair?

There are several ways to wear a durag with long hair. Some women wear their durags on top of their heads, while others wear their durags under their hats or caps.

If you love braiding, use a hygienic bobby pin to hold your Durag. If that doesn’t work, other options exist, such as using gel or mousse or a headband.

How Long Should You Wear A Durag?

You should spend no more than 12 hours in a durag. However, this may be based on your hair type, so you may need to adjust these periods as needed.

Can You Put Durags In The Dryer?

You can put Durags in the dryer, but you shouldn’t. Not only can they get tangled up in the dryer, but they also lose their shape when heated.

You can use a hair dryer to help make your hair look more professional, but you should wait until it’s completely dry before putting it on your head. Putting the durag on without drying it will be wet and dirty and provide no benefit.


Does Wearing A Durag Help Hair Grow?

The answer to this question is no, as it has been scientifically proven that Durags are not beneficial to hair growth. It has also been proven that they do not make hair thicker, healthier, or shinier.

Do Durags Damage Hair?

Durags can damage hair if you wear them for an extended period. It is best to wear durags for the night, even if you plan to wear them all day long.

Do Durags Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Not necessarily, so don’t expect them to make your hair grow faster. Durags are made from a special material that is comfortable for people to wear. They do not contain any medication or chemicals, which can benefit some people wearing them.

Does Sleeping With A Durag Help Your Hair Grow?

Sleeping with a Durag does not help your hair grow. It’s just a myth that’s passed on for generations. Instead, it is also said that sleeping with a durag can make it more brittle, so it’s better to use other forms of protection such as shells and caps.

Does Wearing A Durag Cause Receding Hairline?

No, not necessarily. However, if you wear a durag and it’s getting old, you may lose its shape and feel. Even with damage and misuse of your durag, it will still help protect your hair from the elements.

The Bottom Line

You can wear a Durag as often as you like, but if you wear one, you should try to change it every 3-6 months. Make sure it is clean before use, and also remember that the material will dry out your hair in the long run.

However, the Durag itself isn’t causing any damage to your natural hair growth or physical scalp health.

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