Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss: Best 4 Types of Hair Gel

Does hair gel cause hair loss? Many people are concerned about the long-term effects of hair gel on their hair.

The truth is that it can be difficult to tell what impact. If any, hair products have on your strands because everyone’s body responds differently to different ingredients.

But some studies show that some types of aerosols and gels may contribute to thinning or brittle hair over time.

does hair gel cause hair loss
does hair gel cause hair loss

One study found that women who used hairsprays regularly had more than twice as much breakage in their ponytails than those who didn’t use them at all.

According to the authors, the chemicals in these products may cause “significant damage” by coating and hardening individual strands of hair. So they’re easily pulled out during combing or brushing.

Below I have discussed does hair gel cause hair loss? Read till the end!

Is hair gel bad for your hair?

Is gel bad for your hair? In many cases, the answer is yes. If you’re using a thick styling product that contains alcohol, chemicals, or petroleum jelly.

Those ingredients can cause major damage to your strands. And those who use gels with high amounts of alcohol often complain about brittle and fine strands.

Is gel for your hair?

Many gels contain chemicals that serve as a temporary fix for your unruly strands. These products coat the hair and provide a protective layer against humidity.

So anyone can use gel?

While it’s not always bad for your hair, you want to ensure that you’re not damaging your locks with these sprays and mousses containing alcohols, waxes, and chemicals. They can clump your strands together, leaving them looking dull rather than shiny.   

What are the types of hair gels?

There are many varieties of gel with differently formulated ingredients for various purposes.


These gels use building blocks like alcohol to make your strands stiffer. That’s why many don’t like gel for its stiff structure. Gels like this should be used only on strands that are blow-dried. And set in place to keep their shape.   


This type of gel is made to hold the hair in place while it’s air drying. It’s highly recommended because it doesn’t contain alcohol, which can dry out hair.  


This gel is formulated to smooth and straighten your strands. However, you’ll want a leave-in conditioner after the process since these products can make your locks dry.

Frizz Control

These formulas use special ingredients like silicones to reduce frizz and flyaways by coating each strand with a thin film. It can weigh hair down and cause it to look limp. If you have thick, wavy or curly hair, it may not be the best option for you.

Does hair gel cause hair loss?

The gel is used by many men and women worldwide with different hair types, from fine to coarse, straight to curly.

The key is to use it in moderation and not to exceed the maximum recommended usage. Another thing you want to avoid is applying gel on your hair when it’s wet because that can lead your strands more susceptible to drying out.

Instead, choose a product with moisturizing properties, like oil or shea butter, which will help soften and hydrate your hair. Finally, wash out the product thoroughly before going to bed.

does hair gel cause hair loss
does hair gel cause hair loss

This will prevent it from building up on strands and weighing them down, which can lead to thinning and breakage over time.

So does hair gel cause hair loss? I would like to conclude that the use of hair gels does not directly cause hair fall.

But those who have particularly dry or thick hair can be used in moderation to control frizz and add a nice shine to their locks. It’s also good for people who straighten their hair daily to keep their strands healthy.

So anyhow, gel use is only recommended after following the instructions on the packaging. Above all, always use a conditioner after using gel to protect your hair from damage.

Ensure you are not over-washing your hair or using too hot of water to strip natural oils that help locks stay healthy and shiny.

We hope the above information helps you gain insight into does hair gel causes hair loss?

Is it bad to use hair gel every day?

I believe it is bad to use hair gel every day because one, if your hair gets used to the product, it will not be as effective, and two, it is actually not good for your hair.

I would suggest you try a leave-in conditioner or oil instead. Those work just as well and may even give more benefits than just covering up the bad parts of your hair. You can use the gel every other day if you like but try not to exceed that number.

Hair gel also makes your hair really stiff and unnatural-looking. It’s just a way for men to control unruly hair when they want to look more professional or put together. There are better options out there.

Can gel permanently damage hair?

It can cause split ends and hair loss as it makes your hair dry. Hair gel is not bad for your hair, but it depends on the kind you use.

The ones that don’t contain alcohol work really well and won’t make your hair dry. They should be made of natural ingredients.

But if you do decide to use hair gel, do not apply it to wet hair. Apply it when your hair is almost dry, and then use a flat iron to seal the deal!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to hair loss, there are many causes. One of the most common is genetics or heredity.

However, because that doesn’t get as much attention is the overuse of products like gel and hairspray. Which can create a buildup on your scalp causing irritation and inflammation in some people.

If you’re noticing any signs of thinning hair, make sure to stop using these products for at least 3 days before deciding if they are actually contributing to your problem!

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