Does Water Make Your Nails Grow: 5 Absolute Reasons

Does Water Make Your Nails Grow? Yes and no. Water is great for your hair and your skin, but not so much for your nails. It’s a known fact that many people who use nail polish have brittle, dry nails that start to peel or crack if they don’t apply a moisturizer (or put their hands in the water!).

But even if you’re lucky enough to have naturally soft nails that don’t need any help in the moisture department, being around water can still damage them. It’s true! Water is the main culprit for splitting and peeling nails.

Experiments show that if you don’t keep your hands out of the water, you’ll get rid of 80% of your nails within a year. But here’s the good news: If you avoid doing things that will cause your nails to dry out, they can last a lot longer.

Does Water Make Your Nails Grow & Why?

Several factors can cause your nails to become dry and brittle:

1. Dehydration

When your body doesn’t get enough water, it stresses itself. And when your body is stressed, it’s more likely to experience low levels of pain, inflammation, and swelling. These things can be triggered by workouts (like a workout at the gym), wind or temperature changes, or even emotional stress.

2. Thinning Nails

As we grow older, our nails naturally thin out. This natural growth doesn’t protect your nails from the elements, which can cause them to become brittle, split, or even completely peel off.

In women, most of our nails are removed during a woman’s lifetime as they don’t grow fast enough to keep up with nail growth. In men, the nail on the middle finger does tend to be longer than the rest of their fingers.

3. Cellulite

Many people think this is caused by fat tissue under their skin. They’re partially right. When your body is filled with toxins, it needs a place to store them, and cellulite is one of the places it puts those toxins.

4. Wearing Acrylic Nails and Nail Polish

There’s no way around this one – when you wear acrylic or press on nails or polish your nails, you’re putting chemicals and toxins onto your natural nails. Your body doesn’t like these chemicals and will be less likely to make them stronger for wear-resistant or easier for you to grow out.

5. Protein-Lacking Diet

We get protein from many food sources, including red meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. If you’re not getting enough protein in your diet or your body doesn’t like some of the proteins you do get (like ones high in saturated fats).

Does Water Make Your Nails Grow
Does Water Make Your Nails Grow

It can lead to weaker nails. Not only that – but nails are made of a protein called keratin which, if we don’t consume the right amount of it, the keratin can weaken and not be as strong for wear and tear.

Does Water Make Nails Grow Faster?

So when it comes to you asking yourself if water makes nails grow faster, the answer is generally no. But there is something about water that can give you healthier-looking nails – and that’s vitamin B. So do nails grow faster in water? The answer is No!

Nails Grow Faster On One Hand

When it comes to nail growth, it’s best to keep both hands in the same condition to compare growth rates better. Here, Halle Bonney shows how she’s managed to keep all of her nails on her right hand while her left hand is growth-free and flaky.

Nails Grow Faster On Other Hand

So that’s it – but don’t worry too much about your nails because they’re getting weaker as you get older anyway! But if you want to keep your nails strong and healthy, consider keeping your hands out of the water!

Do Fingernails Grow Faster In Water?

Nails grow faster in water, but not by much. They grow about 5% faster in water, and even if you keep your hands submerged, it still only increases growth by another ten percent.

Which Fingernail Grows The Slowest?

All of them do! But the pinky finger will grow faster than the thumb. The other fingers should follow in order from index finger to baby finger, but your nails will grow slowly as you get older.

Do Your Nails Grow in The Shower?

So what about showering or swimming in the water? You can jump in the shower without worrying about it damaging your nails. Your nails shield you from water and other natural elements (like dirt, for example).

So they’re naturally protected. Plus, when you get out of the shower, you can put on some hand lotion, which will help soften your nails and make them even stronger.

Do Your Nails Grow Faster When Your Pregnant?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause strong, healthy nails to grow faster than usual. If you’re not pregnant, the growth of your nails will slow down, and they’ll become thinner.

So, does water make your nails grow? It depends on how much water you put on them, when you apply them and how much time passes between applications. One thing’s for sure, though – if you want healthy-looking, strong nails, avoid putting your hands in the water!

Nails Grow Too Fast For Acrylics

Nails grow much faster than you might think, even if you’re not wearing acrylic or fake nails. In fact, your nails can grow as much as 10% a month for as long as two months in a row and then stop.

Does Typing Make Your Nails Grow?

If you type too much, it can cause your nails to grow faster. That’s right, typing can make your nails grow faster!

Do Nails Grow Faster If You Sweat?

It will affect your nails’ growth if you sweat while working out. Those sweating extra calories will be a problem for your skin, and also, if you type more, it could cause bruising and breakdown of the nail.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve learned from this article, the answer to the question: “Does water make nails grow faster?” is no. When you put your hands in the water and wash them, your nails break up and soften.

This can cause them to split or chip off, which we want to avoid! So if you want healthier-looking nails that are strong enough for acrylics or polish (if that’s what works for you), keep your hands out of the water.

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