Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts: 7 Best Nutrition Facts

Today we will discuss Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts. Dutch Bros has the best coffee in town, and the only question is whether you want to go with their regular iced coffee or iced mocha.

If you want a quick, warm-up drink, they offer some cold brews that will help you wake up on your busiest day.

Dutch Bros also makes some smoothies that are as sweet as refreshing. And if you are from the house, you may have to get that Dutch Bros donut.

Their frosty treats are not only great, but they also satisfy your sweet cravings.

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Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts

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1. One 12 oz cup of Dutch Bros Coffee is equivalent to 44 Calories – Protein 2g – Carbs 5g – Fiber 0g – Sugar 5g

2. The amount of protein in a Dutch Bros iced mocha is 3.5g.

3. If you are a fan of their sweet treats, you may want to know that each Dutch Bros donut has 170 calories in it.

4. If you love creme brulee and coffee, the Coffee Freddo is another great choice for you. It is made with steamed milk, and it has the taste of caramel and coffee. It has the same Dutch Bros Coffee Nutrition Facts.

5. Dutch Bros iced coffee or iced mocha is a good choice if you want a beverage to drink on your drive or to accompany you as you work.

6. Another great choice for coffee lovers is Dutch Water. This is a combination of Dutch Bros iced coffee and ice cream.

7. The iced mocha puffs are also great, and each puff has around 340 calories in it.

Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts- Verdict:

If you want to try some great coffee at a great price, Dutch Bros is a good choice for you and your family. Even if you are not a fan of coffee, the other products that they offer can help you satisfy your sweet cravings.

What is the healthiest drink at Dutch Bros?

Iced mocha. The iced mocha has fewer calories than other coffee drinks at Dutch Bros, and it is also a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts
Dutch Bros Nutrition Facts

On the downside, Iced coffee does not have any protein.

The best thing about the iced mocha is that it contains only 5g of sugar per serving. This is great because many healthy drinks have low levels of sugar but high calories.

The mocha has 5g, and the iced coffee has 5g. The mocha and the iced coffee are both in the same range, but there is a big difference between their calories.

The iced coffee is higher with 44 calories per serving, while the iced mocha is lower with only 12 calories.

This drink also does not contain any saturated fat or cholesterol in it. The iced mocha contains less saturated fat than the iced coffee because the mocha has fewer calories, while the iced coffee has more calories.

Iced coffee does not have any protein in it. The protein level in an iced coffee is about 20g per serving, but it is only 3.5g per serving for an iced mocha.

Protein is needed for strong muscles and bones and for repairing muscle damage from training and supplying energy to cells.

Do Dutch Bros have sugar-free flavors?

Yes. Dutch Bros offers its low-calorie, sugar-free coffee through a partnership with Vitalicious. The iced mocha light has 30 calories per serving and 0g of saturated fat.

It is also free from trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium at only 125mg of sodium per serving. You can get this drink hot or cold and get it in any size you like.

How many WW points are Dutch Bros?

If you count your points and try to stick to your daily allowance, you will be happy to know that Dutch Bros only counts as 0 points.

The iced mocha light is worth 0 points, while the iced coffee is worth 1 point per cup.

How many calories are in a Dutch Bros soft top?

They actually have five different soft top drinks, but we are only interested in the soft chocolate top.

The flavor contains sugar and fat, but it does not contain any trans fat. It also has some amount of cholesterol and sodium in it.

The regular-sized chocolate soft top has 140mg of sodium per serving, while the small one contains 70mg of sodium.

The regular size contains 170 calories per cup, and the small size has 155 calories.

What is the highest calorie drink at Dutch Bros?

The green tea latte is the highest-calorie drink at Dutch Bros. It has 320 calories in it, and the ingredients are milk, cream, espresso, and spring water.

The regular size contains 300 calories per serving, and the small size contains 270 per serving. The biggest problem with a high-calorie drink is that it is hard to drink even one cup a day.

You will want to eat or drink other things to feel full after having a high-calorie beverage.

The Bottom Line

If you wonder about the Dutch Bros nutrition facts, it is best to choose the iced mocha. It has less sugar than other drinks, containing only 12 calories per serving.

The iced mocha also has 4g of fiber and 51g of calcium per serving. It also has 20% of your daily value for iron, which is good because you need iron to carry oxygen in your blood.

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