9 Best Exercise For Facial Hair Growth

Exercise For Facial Hair Growth has been suggested that exercise can aid in the growth of facial hair. There have not been any studies to show this, so this is just a theory.

Exercise can be very beneficial for many aspects of your life. When it comes to facial hair growth, there have been no studies on whether or not exercise increases facial hair.

It is a theory that just because you exercise will aid in the growth of facial hair faster and what you want to grow longer like back hair, leg hair, arm hairs, and even pubic hairs.

Exercise For Facial Hair Growth
Exercise For Facial Hair Growth

Exercise actually speeds up the metabolism, which produces testosterone leading to stronger, faster-growing facial or body hairs. Even more so than those who don’t exercise at all!

Do any women know if this is true? A lady would probably have better insight into this subject since they grow more strong and long pubic hairs,

The claim is that testosterone levels are boosted when you do heavy weights and intense sports causing more facial hair to grow. Before doing any of these exercises, please consult a physician first.

9 Best Exercise For Facial Hair Growth

1. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a great muscle-building exercise, but it also does wonders for facial hair growth. When you work out your arms, chest, and back the follicles in these areas are being pushed to grow new hair.

It has been said that weightlifting helps with growing stronger muscles and growing more hair as well.

2. Jogging and Running

Running can burn many calories, but it is also known to help with facial hair growth. It has been said that the testosterone levels in your body will rise when you run, causing new hair follicles to grow stronger. Some suggest running every day because it may cause hair growth to speed up.

3. Cycling

When you cycle, the testosterone levels in your body are raised to new heights. It has also been said that some people have found growing facial hair when they have started cycling regularly.

Due to more testosterone being produced through their workouts. If you do not enjoy running or jogging, then cycling is a good alternative for you.

4. Swimming

If swimming is your sport of choice, you will be glad to know that this is very beneficial in helping with the growth of facial hair.

When you swim often, the testosterone levels in your body are raised, and it could aid in growing more hair on your face. Swimming is a good, low-impact exercise that will help you to build up your muscle strength.

5. Weight Lifting For Chin

If you have a thin little chin, then weight lifting may be beneficial for you to increase the size of your chin. As you know that weightlifting helps in facial hair growth, and if you work out those muscles on your face and jawline.

It should grow to fill out the area more. Working out these muscles is just like working with any other muscle group and will help them get stronger.

If this does not work, many creams and other over-the-counter treatment options are available online with a simple search. Some suggest massaging the problem areas as well.

6. Cycling For Sideburns And Goatee

It has been said that riding long bike distances could cause your facial hair to grow faster. Some people have also claimed that cycling may help give a certain chin and sideburn line more definition, just like you see with professional cyclists.

Cycling can get your blood pumping without straining any joints, so it is a win-win situation for most of the body. The idea behind this is that testosterone levels are increased in your body when you cycle, which could cause hair to grow faster than usual.

It has been said that some people have seen some growing facial hair after they started riding their bikes regularly. This might not work for everyone but keep trying?

7. Weight Lifting For Upper Lip

The upper lip area usually needs extra care and attention if you want it to grow hair faster. If you use your muscles to their full extent when you exercise, new hair follicles can grow stronger, which means more growth in the upper lip area.

Take note that your face may be other parts of your body, and this could make it harder for hair to grow there, but if you put in the work, then results will follow.

8. Running For Chin Hair

If you want to get a nice sharp chin line and have trouble getting one, running may help give you a little head start with growing facial hair on your jawline.

When running, testosterone levels rise, which can cause more hair follicle cells to grow and strengthen their production of new hairs. You should not have any problems doing this workout, so incorporate it into your daily routine and see what happens.

9. Weight Lifting For Chin And Upper Lip Hair

If you would like to get some more upper lip hair or grow a goatee, then weightlifting could be just the thing for you.

When you work on specific parts of your body that have not been getting much attention. New hair follicles can grow stronger due to more testosterone in the bloodstream, thus growing more hair than usual.

The Bottom Line

Finally, if you are looking for the best way to grow your facial hair, we have a few recommendations. First and foremost, make sure that you keep it trimmed to avoid getting too bushy or unruly.

Secondly, use some growth-enhancing products like beard oil or balm every day to help promote healthy facial hair growth.

And finally, try not to over-exercise as this can result in testosterone levels dropping, which is one of the reasons why people lose their beards! If you have any questions about these tips, please let me know below in the comments section!

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