7 Best Exercises to Do At Home for Men

7 Best Exercises to Do At Home for Men. When we think about home-based exercise, we usually think about women only. This is mainly because men’s exercises are all about weight lifting, hyper-masculinity, and crazy high testosterone.

A common misconception is that simple home-based exercises like yoga, cardio, or Zumba are not for men and are only for women.

Men like to get involved in exercises that can help them sculpture their body and make them look fit, and they think the only way they can make this happen is through weight lifting. There is no doubt that weight lifting is a really good exercise.

It will especially help you to gain muscle and lose fat. It will also help you to gain the ideal sculptured body that most men desire. However, there is so much more that you probably don’t know about men’s health and exercise.

Exercises to Do At Home for Men
Exercises to Do At Home for Men

As life becomes more fast-paced and challenging, men find it hard to find time for exercise. With more and more time spent outside, it is only easy to find a gym outside the house. However, with lockdown and work-from-home situations, everything you do has to be limited to your house only.

You need to figure out a way to exercise at home. Since setting up a home gym means a complete renovation and a hefty financial investment, we should mention a few exercises that will be game-changing for you.

With the help of this article, you will be able to figure out how men’s exercises are different from female exercises.

Why men need to exercise and how they can make the most out of their limited time while exercising at home. Apart from this, we will also mention some of the best exercises that men can do at home without hefty or expensive gym equipment.

What do you need For Good Exercise?

Since we are eliminating heavy gym equipment and accessories, we need to use combination exercises that will target more than one group of muscles simultaneously. We also need to make sure you are meeting your personal goal.

Understanding the concept of goal is very important in exercise. These are the only criteria that will help you figure out if an exercise works out for you.

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to look for high-intensity exercises that are just good for losing weight and calorie burning.

What do you need For Good Exercise?

However, suppose you are looking forward to losing fat as well as gaining muscle strength. In that case, you need to look for clandestine exercise to lift the weight of your own body.

For example, if you want abs, you need to work on your core muscles, and similar is the case if you want strong shoulders and arms, you need to work on your upper body.

How to Customize the Exercise?

We have seen that most people will tell you to customize your exercise according to your own pace or requirement.

This concept is very important because you will see that some exercises are generally very intense, so you will need just a few minutes. Within that limited time, you will be able to burn so many calories.

How to Customize the Exercise
How to Customize the Exercise

On the contrary, there are so many different exercises that are very mild, so you need consistency and more time to see results. In short, some exercises will take just a few minutes, and some exercises will take more than 45 minutes.

If you have limited time, you should mix and match exercises so that they become more intense. A simple example of this can be that you can use bicycle crunches compared to simple crunches.

7 Best Exercises to Do At Home for Men

To help beginners start a basic exercise that will help them burn calories and gain some muscles, we have listed down some of the best exercises.

Collectively these exercises can be used for high-intensity exercise training, or they can be used individually. However, it is better to mix and match so that you get better results.


Crunches are great for your abs and upper body, and you don’t need any equipment. The best thing is that you can customize the intensity as well.

All you need to do is lie down on the floor with your knees raised. Now, hold your hands at the back of your neck and try to sit. Most people yank their necks while sitting up, which can cause pain, so you need to be very careful.


Push-up is one of the easiest exercises to underhand, but it is very difficult to perform. First, you just need to hold your body weight on your elbows and your toes.

Now you need to extend your weight on your hands and then bring it back. This will help you work your shoulders as well as your abs and back muscles.


Plank is a great exercise that is the same as pushups, but you need to hold your weight for at least a few minutes. For beginners, one minute is ideal; however, as you master the plank, you can then aim for at least 3 minutes.


Squats are great for your back and your lower body. It is the same as sitting on an invisible chair. However, you will have to go a little lower.

While you try to sit on an invisible chair, your legs will hold the weight, and this will eventually make your butt tighter, bulkier, and your legs stronger.

Russian Twist

Russian twists are great for your abs as well as your shoulders and lower body. You need to start by lying down and raising your knees. Now use a medicine ball or softball and grab it with both hands.

Next, you need to touch your ball on the right side and then on the left side. This will complete one rep. Some people move their legs as they touch the ball. Others do not hold the ball and instead keep their hands near the nape of the neck.

High Knee

You need to stand straight. And now, keep both your hands in front of you at the height of your waist. Now you need to jog while your aim should be to bring your knee to your waist height.

Most people jog while others like to stay in the same spot, it depends on the person, and there is no hard and fast rule.

Knee to Chest

This is a very simple exercise that needs equipment. First, you just need to lie down with your back against the floor. Now you need to bend your knees in a way that they are raised from the ground.

While the sole of your feet touches the ground. Now bring up the knees towards your chest and wrap your arms like you are hugging them. Most people don’t hug the knee. They just bring it closer to their chest. However, if you hug the knees, it will help with flexibility.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the choice of exercise intensity can always be catered according to time. You can simply customize your exercise for home if you don’t want to go to the gym.

These exercises are good for beginners who don’t want to start with a gym membership, but they are also good for people who miss the gym day or need to stay home during the lockdown.

The main goal is to easily customize these exercises according to your goal. If an exercise doesn’t help you achieve the goal, you need to simply change it. With the help of the exercises mentioned above, you will engage your whole body and almost all muscle groups.

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