How To Do Extreme Nail Art In Easy 8 Steps

Extreme Nail Art is a type of nail art that involves extreme and complicated nail designs. Many different types of nails can be used to create the design.

The designs created by Extreme Nail Artists can range from simple acrylic-painted nails to freehand drawings to elaborate watercolor paintings made on top of pre-existing art.

With a wide variety of techniques available and a seemingly endless variety of ways each design can be executed, it can be difficult to find one that suits your style.

Nail art is a popular and unique way to express yourself and your style. Nail art can help you stand out in a crowd, add a particular element of creativity and beauty to your look, or simply express your own personal style.

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What Is Extreme Nail Art?

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Extreme Nail Art is nail art that is done using extreme and complicated designs, uses, and styles. The idea behind the art is to create an original design that has never been done before and to do your own take on the concept of nail art.

Extreme Nail Artists use various techniques to create their nail designs. It is commonly simply painting a design onto a blank canvas using acrylic paint.

This can take hours or even days to perfect, depending on the technique and style. It is important to note that this is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) process, and no professional supplies are needed to create the design.

Extreme Nail Art
Extreme Nail Art

A lot of the designs that are used in Extreme Nail Art are created by using a variety of different techniques.

For example, some Extreme Nail Artists will draw their designs using graphite pens, which can be more time-consuming than simply painting them. Other techniques involve freehand drawing or watercolor Painting.

How To Do Extreme Nail Art?

Extreme Nail Art is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) process that can take anywhere from six to sixteen hours or more, depending on the style and technique used.

1. Choose Color Scheme

The first step in creating an Extreme Nail Art design is to choose a color scheme. This is simply choosing a few colors used throughout the design.

These colors will be used for the majority of the painting process and be incorporated into the design itself.

2. Create Basic Design

After choosing a color scheme, it is time to create the basic design for your Extreme Nail Art. Each artist has their own style and technique for creating the design.

Since this is a DIY process, there are no professional tools necessary to create an Extreme Nail Art design.

3. Start Painting

Once you have created your basic designs, it is time to start painting! Again, each artist has their own style and technique for painting the nail art they create.

There are no professional tools necessary for creating an Extreme Nail Art design, so you can use anything from a simple paintbrush to a toothbrush.

4. Detail The Design

The details are what make your Extreme Nail Art design unique and interesting. Some artists choose to leave the details to the very end of their creation, while others will add them as soon as they begin painting or as soon as they have finished creating their basic designs.

The choice is yours, but it is important to remember that the more details you add, the longer it will take to paint your design.

5. Seal The Design

It is extremely important to seal your Extreme Nail Art design with a clear coat. If you do not, the design will smudge and wear off over time, making it difficult to redo.

A clear coat can be purchased at any local beauty supply store or online at or

6. Redo Seams

A common problem for Extreme Nail Art is the presence of seams. These are the lines where two pieces do not blend together because the designs are on different or slightly different levels.

You can fix this by using a nail art pen to blend the two pieces together or use one to outline your design. If you cannot eliminate all seams completely, polish lines will flow and blend into each other, creating a smooth texture over your design.

7. Add Glue To Seam

If you have too many seams in your design, it is important to use glue. Softer glues can cover up the seams, but stronger glues are best to prevent them from showing.

8. Add Polish To The Design

Finish painting the design by adding polish and sealing it with a clear coat. Regular top coats will be sufficient for this and any other nail art that you may do on your nails.

The Bottom Line

Extreme Nail Art is a fun way to express yourself and your style. Whether you simply want to do something creative or add a unique element of beauty to your look, Extreme Nail Art is a great choice.

No matter what kind of Extreme Nail Art you choose to create, it is important to remember that this is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) process.

There are no professional tools necessary to create the design and nail art supplies at most local beauty supply stores.

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