10 Benefits of Doing Full Can Exercise

Full Can Exercise is a low-cost and easy way to exercise your muscles. The premise is simple: Fill a can with sand, water, or gravel, and then try to balance it on your head for as long as you can.

This will work for different muscles in the upper body than what’s typically used during everyday activities. It’s a great way to work the shoulders, arms, chest, and core without using a gym.

The term Full Can Exercise was coined by Beachbody’s fitness company in 2005. Full Can Exercise is also used in physical therapy to help relieve stress on overused muscles in the neck and upper body.

Since then, Full Can Exercise has become a popular new way to fit. Other names for Full Can Exercise are Full Cane Exercise, or Full Can Work out.

Full Can Exercising is typically performed by placing the filled can on top of the head, but it can also be performed by placing the can on the shoulder, arms, or legs.

Full Can Exercise
Full Can Exercise

Full Can Exercise is great for burning fat and getting a full-body workout because it engages more than just one muscle group at a time.

One should not fill the can too full when using Full Can Exercise. If the can is too heavy for you, you’re not going to benefit from the exercise. When trying this technique for the first time, start out with a half-full can and see how that feels.

It is important to choose a container with a flat bottom to stand up by itself without falling off your head or shoulders.

How To Do Full Can Exercise?

Step 1: Place a full can of sand, water, or gravel onto the side of your head. Keep your neck as straight as possible, and don’t bend it to avoid overstretching it.

Step 2: Maintain balance for as long as possible and repeat regularly for best results.

Step 3: You can do Full Can Exercise in different ways:

Use your arms and legs to hold the can in place while you try to balance it on top of your head. Hold the can by your hands and feet. This is another way to “dip” or “supinate” the head.

The idea here is to focus more on bending at the waist rather than using muscles in the neck and shoulders.

10 Benefits of Doing Full Can Exercise

1. Full Can Exercise is a great way to exercise the upper body muscles in a way you don’t normally have access to. For example, you can use it to strengthen your wrists and forearms without using weights or dumbbells at the gym.

2. No equipment needed! So no gym membership fees, monthly fees, and expensive equipment to purchase.

3. Will improve balance and balance in different directions like going up and down stairs or holding something below the head like a bag of groceries.

4. If you fill the can with water, it will add a little weight to your body which is great for toning and tightening the muscles.

5. It’s easy to do! All you need is a large can for the Full Can Exercise, and then you’re ready to go.

6. Full Can Exercise helps relieve muscle tension in the neck and shoulder region, minimizing headaches and migraines.

7. If you’re afraid of heights and don’t like heights, then Full Can Exercise is perfect.

8. Strength training can be done with Full Can Exercise, too. Because it works all the muscles in the upper body in one exercise session, it gives a more complete workout and benefits more muscle groups than doing other exercises alone.

9. It’s free! So if you’re short on money and want to burn fat, this will be your best friend for sure!

10. Full Can Exercise is a great activity to do in your spare time, and it’s perfect for family bonding.

Full Can Exercise isn’t difficult, but it does require balance and concentration. Do at least 3 sets of Full Can Exercise for maximum benefit and then switch to another exercise.

By switching up the variety of exercises done, you’ll continue to challenge your muscles which will help them grow in strength and size.

How does the full-can exercise work?

The full can exercise a great way to work the upper body, including major muscles like the arms and shoulders.

Full Can Exercise also engages the core muscles, which work your stomach, arms, and chest muscles.

Other muscle groups such as your back and triceps are also used because of how you hold onto the can during Full Can Exercise.

The full can exercise in a unique way to stay in shape because it uses muscles that otherwise would not be worked out with just running or cycling.

How do you do an empty can exercise?

Doing Full Can Exercise and the empty can exercise are very similar. The difference is that you only fill the can with water, and gravity takes over instead of using your muscles to hold it in place.

Placing a full can on top of the head instead of an empty one will work for more muscle groups because you’ll be using more muscles at once.

If you choose to do the empty can exercise instead of the Full Can Exercise, you’ll have to be very careful not to shake the can because it could spill over and hurt you.

Expert Tips on Full Can Exercise

1. Choose a can that is tall enough so the top reaches your forehead but not so tall that it would fall over easily. Taller cans are better because they require more balance and concentration when holding them in place.

2. It is important to choose a container with a flat bottom to stand up by itself without falling off your head or shoulders.

3. Start with an only half-full can and add water after you determine whether you are ready to do Full Can Exercise more easily.

4. Remember to use the same container when exercising with your left hand as you do with your right hand.

5. Always make sure your ears are behind the top of the can. This is important, so you don’t hurt your eardrums.

6. When filling the can with water, fill it to a small amount more than halfway so that it won’t spill over and hurt you.

7. If you’re using a sand-filled, be careful not to breathe in any of the sand as this could get into your lungs which could cause issues like pneumonia or other lung infections.

The Bottom Line

Full Can Exercise is a great exercise that can be done anywhere. You only need a container with a flat bottom to use, so it’s very easy to find one that you can use for this fat-burning exercise.

Full Can Exercise is also very safe and easy to do because it doesn’t require any equipment or weights, making it even better for people who live in smaller spaces or don’t have access to gyms.

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