10 Best Advantages Of Hip Circle Exercises

Hip circle exercises are a good exercise to improve the strength and flexibility of the hips and buttocks (glutes). There are many hip circle exercises; however, I think that

I have found the best hip circle exercise among all the hip circle exercises tried. As I already mentioned in this article, you can get many good benefits when doing these exercises.

What Are Hip Circle Exercises?

Hip Circles are one of the most effective ways to stretch out your hips, and they strengthen supporting muscles in your back, open up your chest and loosen up your shoulders.

Hip Circle is a great way to open up the muscles along the spine and help them relax. The hips are extremely tight in most people, especially people who sit at work all day or spend a lot of time sitting in general.

How To Do Hip Circle Exercises?

There is no correct way to a hip circle. It’s just going in a circular motion. Try different ways of moving your hips see what ways feel the best for your body.

Hip Circle Exercises
Hip Circle Exercises

Hip circles are great for improving flexibility and relieving tension in the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

They are also a good way to warm up before doing other physical activities like running or basketball.

Hip Circle Exercises For Whom It Is Good?

The answer is that hip circles are good for anybody who wants to improve their flexibility. There are many ways to do hip circles.


  • You can use a strap and move your feet around
  • You can use an exercise ball.
  • Then keep your legs straight.

There are many different variations of the hip circle, but it doesn’t matter how you do the exercise as long as you enjoy doing it!

What Is The Importance Of Hip Circle Exercise?

Hip Circles are not only a good exercise for improving flexibility, but they also strengthen the supporting muscles in your back and open up your chest. This is especially helpful if you spend a lot of time sitting at work

What Materials Needed To Do These Hip Circle Exercises?

  1. You will need a nice big loop of rope,
  2. Some stretchy tape and a towel.
  3. You will want to make a bigger circle than the circle you will be going in (about 3-4 feet in diameter).
  4. Finally, when you are ready to do the exercise, wrap your hand around the rope in a fist and hold it at chest height.

What To Do These Hip Circle Exercises?

  1. First, get down on your knees.
  2. Then make sure that you are far enough away from the wall so that your arms are still straight when they are extended out in front of you.
  3. Next, stick your butt out and lean forward slightly.
  4. When you do the hip circle, make sure to keep your hips facing forward. 
  5. At last, if your hips turn or twist at any time during this exercise, stop and try again!

How Long This Hip Circle Exercises?

How long you will do this exercise depends on your goals. If you want to improve your flexibility, you can continue doing this exercise as long as possible without feeling any pain or getting tired.

If, however, you are using this exercise as a warm-up to another sport or physical activity, make sure that you are done and relaxed before moving on to the next step!

What Should We Always Remember When Doing These Hip Circle Exercises?

Always remember to stretch to your full range of motion, but not so much that you feel pain or discomfort. You can always go further but don’t force it if you get a little pain.

 It is better to take it slow and easy than do too much and injure yourself! Always breathe throughout the exercise, especially when doing the hip circle on your knees.

Hip Circle Exercises For Whom It Is Good?

The answer is that hip circles are good for anybody who wants to improve their flexibility. There are many different variations of the hip circle, and it doesn’t matter how you do the exercise as long as you enjoy doing it!

Advantages This Hip Circle Exercises

1.       Avoid back injury by strengthening the core

  •  Reduce pain from arthritis
  •  Promote bone strength and bone density
  •  Lowers risk of osteoporosis
  •  Strengthens and tones muscles in hips, thighs, iliotibial band (hip flexors), glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles.
  •  Increases range of motion and improve muscle elasticity
  •  Improves balance
  •  Reduces risk for falls
  •  Improves cardiovascular fitness
  •  Boosts metabolism

Disadvantages This Hip Circle Exercises

The only disadvantage of this exercise is that it is not the most effective at strengthening your core muscles or stretching out tight muscles in the hip area.


A hip circle exercise is a series of moves that open the hips and support the lower back. There are many ways you can do hip circles, but some of my favorite exercises involve stretching your legs with a strap around your ankles (as shown in the picture).

 Sitting on an exercise ball with one leg in front of you and going through small circles with your upper body, or kneeling on all fours while keeping your arms straight.

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