How Much Does a Sleep Study Cost?

One of the most common questions about sleep study is, “how much does a sleep study cost?” Before getting into that answer, you are going to know what sleep study is.

The sleep study is an overnight monitorization process where a doctor observes you while sleeping to see what’s interrupting your sleep.

The sleep study is also known as “Polysomnography.” In this study, doctors analyze your problems with breathing, brain waves, oxygen level, heart rate, etc. while you sleep. Researching all these, they can find out what can be the best solution for you

If someone is suffering from sleep disorders, and the doctor suggests to go through a sleep study, he should not avoid thinking about the high cost. Avoiding sleep study can be unhealthy for both of their body and mind.

How Much Does A Sleep Study Cost

Sleep disorders can lead you to heart problems, hypertension, diabetes, and even anxiety or depression. Also, there is no rule to have this every year. But some doctors consider seeing them every 3-5 years for better results. So, you don’t need to have the hassle of going to doctors every month.

Well, now you might be thinking, what can a sleep study diagnose? What if I can’t sleep during a sleep study? Does insurance cover a sleep study? How to get a free sleep study? And many more questions.

Nothing to worry; keep reading to know everything you should know before having a sleep study.

What Can a sleep study diagnose

To work the human body actively, you need proper sleep. To keep a balance of your mental and physical health, you need to make sure you’re sleeping enough. The retirement of your muscle, tissues, or bones, and even the restoration of energy depends on your sleeping cycle. Besides, the growth also depends on your sleep.

We’ve already known that sleep study is the latest to diagnose sleep disorders. In this study, you sleep for a specific time. And your doctor observes your movement, breathing rates, oxygen level, movement of hands and legs, or brain waves while you sleep to understand what’s going inside you.

Also, when you lose a few hours trying badly to sleep, this can’t let you work energetically and adequately in the daytime. Having trouble sleeping is not as simple as it sounds.

Your doctor will suggest you have a sleep study if they suspect you’re suffering from sleep apnea, Periodic limb movement disorder, Narcolepsy, NERM, REM, unusual behavior during sleep, unexpected chronic insomnia, or sleepwalking, etc

  • Sleep apnea: This is a kind of sleep-related breathing problem. Here the patient stops repeatedly breathing while sleeping.
  • Narcolepsy: This is a condition where you feel sudden attacks during your sleep and extremely daytime drowsiness.
  • REM: In this disorder, the patient acts out dreams while sleeping.
  • Chronic insomnia: In this situation, you experience frequent trouble to sleep. If this happens consistently, then your doctor may suggest you sleep study.
  • Unusual behaviors during sleep: This disorder consists of sleepwalking, talking, rhythmic movements of the patient while sleeping.

The dissemination of sleeping disorders can go away through a sleep study. If your doctor sees any of these disorders driving you insane and increasing gradually, he might suggest you must have a sleep study but think about its cost.

These sleeping disorders can lead you to serious health issues. That’s why doctors suggest having a sleep study for better results. Sleeping pills carry health risks and always can’t be the best solution.

In this test, during sleep, the doctor lets you fulfill all the required comforts you need to sleep. They will set a machine and some wires with your body to measure your movements. The observations will continue overnight.

How much does a sleep study cost?

The sleep study can be pricey. But the price is worth the result. You will get a solution to the terrific sleeping disorder you’re having. And having a sound sleep is the necessity of a healthy life. Well, sleep studies are expensive, and there’s no way of denying it. Many avoid going through this process just because of the high price. You may need to spend $600 to almost $5000 per night.

Even the amount can be more than this as you can’t avoid the additional expenses. The doctor may also want to do some other test to understand the problem. But you’ve insurance to recover the expenses. It can be easier for you. Generally, your health insurance will be enough to cover the costs of a sleep study. The exact estimation of the test will vary from clinic to clinic, and on the insurance, you’re having.

Also, if you have insomnia, it’s natural not having asleep. You might ask, what if you face trouble to sleep during the sleep study? How will the Doctor monitor you? This one might be the most significant confusion.

What if I can’t sleep during a sleep study?

Sleep studies are more likely to happen in the lab or at your home. So, wherever it is, you may get issues sleeping. Especially people with chronic insomnia find it the most challenging part. Well, when you go for a sleep study, the doctor makes sure you sleep in many ways. It can be with exercises, providing you with all the comforts you need while sleeping, or giving you sleeping pills.

They consider you are coming to the lab before 3 hours of the study. To make sure you can sleep well and for a long time. Without this, it’s not possible The doctors even let you watch tv or listen to music before going to sleep. They make the room darken and provide you with all the comfort you need. In gist, they allow you to follow the regular sleep rituals of yours.

After relaxation, if you still can’t sleep, they suggest you exercise or eat. The steps might make you sleep naturally. Lastly, the doctor will give you sleeping pills. These pills are not your regular ones and make you sleep faster and for a long time.

And the most exciting thing is if you have a sleep test, it’s nothing like the regular clinic. The lab seems like a hotel room where you’ll get all the necessities. The doctor will adjust some wires and machines with you. When you need to go to the washroom, you can simply call the assistant waiting for you. The assistant will help you to remove the wires and help you with whatever you need.

Some say, if you have a sleep study, they’ll firstly make you sleep anyhow. Only then can the doctor find out the exact problem of your sleeping disorder.

Does insurance cover the sleep study?

Here comes the most asked question related to this topic. As sleep studies are costly, people tend to avoid this. Sleep studies are undoubtedly worth the cost. But what if you have health insurance? Does insurance cover a sleep study? Time to know about this in detail.

Well, almost every health insurance company can cover sleep studies. The exact amount you need to pay for your sleep study depends on the relation between the clinic and insurance company. There is a considerable difference between the cost you pay for a sleep study with insurance and the one without insurance.


Without insurance, the cost you need to may without insurance can be around $500 to $3000 for sleep study. On the other hand, if your insurance met your deductible amount, then you don’t need to pay out of your pocket. The deductible amount will be different from one person to another person. Some people may have deductibility of even $4000. In this case, the insurance company won’t cover the sleep study.

The other option is insurance companies generally get contracted sleep centres or clinics. You can ask your insurance providers if there are any member services according to your need. If they do not tend to share information with you, then you can also do it by yourself. Search online for sleeping centres or clinics that are available with a sleep study. Choose the one you need to try and ask them if they make a contract with your insurance company or not.

If your doctor suggested having a sleep study, it wouldn’t be a good idea to avoid this for money. If you get health insurance, this may help you a lot to deal with the expenses. Insurance may decrease the cost to 80% to 50% depending on the policy or contract.

cost without insurance

Well, if you don’t have any health insurance, you don’t have any way of having it free or at a discount. Then you need to pay the full expenses. The cost is not constant. It will depend on the sleeping centre and the extra costs you need to pay out of your pocket. But approximately, it will cost somewhere between $500 to $3000.

How to get a free sleep study?

Suppose you’re having any sleep disorder and don’t have any type of insurance. It obviously will be difficult to find one if you make it with some extra effort and legwork. The free options are not nationwide available. So you need to do well research and apply for them.

But it’s essential to know that either it’s a free sleep study or a paid one, every sleeping center will require the reference of your doctor. You can’t have a sleep study if the doctor doesn’t prescribe you.

For a free overnight sleep study, you need to contact the sleep centers in your area. Many of them have the option of a free sleep study. But for that, you need to apply to them and show your doctor’s reference. Search for the sleep center to help you with free sleep study or link to accepting open applications.

If you go to the hospital-based sleep center, there are more opportunities to get a free sleep study. The hospitals get funds from the Government and different organizations. If you can show valid reasons or cause and a doctor’s reference, they can give you free sleep study for sure.

You can also search for sleep centers or clinics that are looking for participants for trial or experiment. They can help you with free sleep study quickly.

Also, you can try home study if your doctor suggests. Give it a shot and see how it gives an outcome. Then you don’t need to go to a clinic for a paid sleep study. However, a home study is not enough to get the proper result.

However, it’s able to measure a few signs only. If you don’t get accurate results, you have to go for an overnight clinical sleep study for free of cost.

The free at home sleep apnea test

If you’re facing some problems while sleeping continuously, you may have sleep apnea. The issues can include:

  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Loud snoring, morning headache
  • Difficulty concentrating on work all-day
  • Awakening with a dry mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Abrupt awakenings
  • Accompanied by choking and gasping, etc

If you suffer any of these frequently every night, your doctor may consider you’re dealing with sleep apnea. That’s why you might need to go through a sleep apnea test.

If you can’t spend on paid sleep tests and don’t have any insurance, try the free sleep apnea test. But make sure you’ve your doctor’s suggestion. Though the cost of an apnea study may be less expensive than the regular ones, it may give you inaccurate results. In the home apnea study, it may consider only the oxygen level.

On the other hand, in a lab, you get the opportunity to measure airflow, brain waves, restore effort with machines and sensors. At home, the doctors won’t be gathering information on your sleeping movements or how many times you wake up. These pieces of information are essential to have an accurate output.

Free apnea tests are not that bad also. Many patients tend to give it a try before going to the clinical paid ones. No one wants to spend any extra bucks where you can get the result for free. But if you don’t get the expected result, go for the clinical paid ones. Never try to attempt any of the clinical treatments or pills without having the suggestion or prescription of your doctor.

Blue cross blue shield sleep study authorization

Blue cross blue shield company is an affordable healthcare company that can provide you quality sleep study. This one is a federation company that provides health insurance to almost 106 million people in the USA.  This healthcare company ensures giving health insurance to all the states of the USA.

If we look back to history, the Blue cross and blue shield were two different things. Blue Shield includes all the doctors of the USA who wanted a health care shield. On the other hand, blue crosses were developed by hospitals for providing hospital care for the patients. They started working together to spread their plans for health care.

As we’ve discussed before, the expensiveness of sleep study, people avoid the test just for money and take themselves to serious health issues. Under the umbrella of blue cross blue shield health organization, you can get a generous insurance policy in any of the states of the USA.

The focus of the organization is to help patients who can’t bear the expenses. The blue cross blue shield suggests the sleep traumas seriously. Ignoring can be life-threatening at some point. With health insurance, you might need to spend $0 to $150 out of your pocket. Its sleep study cost Okay?

Does blue cross blue shield Texas cover sleep study?

As I’ve mentioned before, the blue cross shield covers almost all the states of the USA. Texas is one of the countries in the USA. Blue cross blue protection covers Texas. If you live in Texas, this might be a common question for you. Does blue cross blue shield Texas protect a sleep study

The answer is yes. As a well-known organization, it covers the second largest state of the USA. Blue cross blue shield also provides health insurance for a sleep study. Sleep studies are essential if someone is suffering from sleep disorders. According to the doctors, if you ignore this issue, lack of sleep becomes excellent trouble in the future.

Blue cross blue shield in Texas also offers several kinds of sleep tests. This organization also allows the home sleep test. The healthcare organization covers most CPAP supplies, including machine and humidifiers, masks and headgear, tubers, and filters. Blue cross blue shield will protect the collection of all the necessities for a sleep study,

But an essential thing required to get those supplies is documentation. The combinations will include doctor’s notes, prescriptions, test results, and the other things that can ensure the doctor’s recommendation. Without advice, it’s not possible to get a sleep test anywhere. Blue cross blue shield in Texas is always ready to provide sheep study with insurance. But you need to show the documents.

Sleep study cost united healthcare

The cost of a sleep study has always been a matter of concern. As the price is not affordable enough, insurance is the best option to adapt. Well, here we’ll talk about united healthcare and if this healthcare company covers sleep study or not.

United healthcare provides plans and insurance for the USA people to get better treatment without worrying about the cost. Most of the healthcare plans include the value of the sleep study. Health insurance is something that can save your money and even get your free sleep study.

Without insurance, the cost will be huge to bear for maximum people. $0% of Americans are skipping medical tests and other expenses of healthcare. But the skipping can take you to the emergency room of the clinic.

Sleep Study Cost

United Healthcare is one of the largest health insurers, with about 40 million people. It covers sleep study and all the necessary machines and services a patient needs.

United healthcare will consider all your needs related to sleep only when you cross the specific criteria.

Not only the insurance but also the company provide online tools. Using the tools, you can compare the costs, ratings of hospitals, mental health services, labs, convenience care, and many more things. This step can be instrumental for you to select the perfect one in your area.

With the united healthcare service, you can decrease the cost of sleep study by about 36%. Without it, you may need to pay about $3000. Besides, there are always extra costs too.

Board-certified sleep specialist near me

If you’re going through sleep disorders, it’s necessary to see a doctor soon. Sleep troubles are enough to lead to serious health problems. So if your doctor suggests you sleep tests or study, you obviously should not avoid it.

Well, first of all, you’ve to find the best sleep specialist near you.No worries, here I’ll mention some sleep centers that can help you to find the best around you:

  • AASM- American Academy of sleep medicine: This is an organization including all American doctors and researchers who’re specialists in sleep medicine. You can find a list of them clicking here.
  • AADSM- American Academy of dental sleep medicine: Who’s looking for the best solution to fix their sleep schedule can visit this site. This website maintains all the necessary information about the best sleep specialists who can treat your problem. Click here to get and choose the near one of you.

The sleep specialists and doctors you’ll find here the Government certifies all of them. So you may get the assurance of their quality. You don’t need to be in doubt if you’re going to be a patient of them.

Both of these can provide all the information on sleep specialists. Either it’s insomnia or extreme snoring or sleepwalking, each problem gets serious without proper treatment. Though your doctor will decide if you need a sleep study or just pills will be enough. To find out the real problem, seeing the right sleep specialist is essential.

If you’re having trouble sleeping or facing problems, click on the links and choose the one near you. Here you can also get the visit details and their schedule. You don’t need to go outside and have to search for a sleep specialist.

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Pediatric sleep study near me

Well, sleep disorders can also happen to children. Doctors may suggest sleep study for finding out the problems of sleeping with a child. If your child snores excessively and feels choking while sleeping, when a child gasps for air, stops breathing while sleeping, he/she may suffer from a sleep disorder. Avoiding these sleeping problems can lead to further significant problems.

If your child is suffering from trouble while sleeping, a doctor’s checkup is essential. And if your doctor thinks you need to go through a sleep study, then however expensive it gets, you should attend it.

If you’re searching for a sleep paediatrician, make sure the quality of the clinic and their support to the patients are good enough. In this digital age, you don’t need to go through the hassle. Just search on the web for the best pediatric sleep study near you.

Sleep Study Near Me

Have a focus on the pediatric sleep lab. The lab should be children friendly, and the decoration also should be family-friendly enough.

The availability of Every necessary machine is essential for choosing a clinic. Make sure the clinic you chose has all the availability of devices for the proper sleep study.

You can also take advice from your family doctor. Your doctor doesn’t need to suggest the primary thing to you.

For getting rid of sleep disorder, your doctor may also recommend medications, removal of the tonsils and adenoids, complimentary airway pressure therapy, oral appliances, and others. Choose a clinic that can provide you pediatric sleep study and all the facilities of tests and medications.


Sleep disorders are prevalent among people. But people seem to take the problem lately. But 80% of adults suffer from sleep disorders. There are eighty different types of sleeping disorders people go through. But people tend to ignore the problems, let alone seeing a good doctor.

The sleeping study is a test that doctors suggest. In this test, doctors give you enough comfort to relax as the key to sleeping is relaxation. An adult person needs six hours of sleep every 24 hours.

But for children, the perfect hour of sleep will be between 9-11 hours. If you lack sleep continuously, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs, and hands, choking, lack of oxygen, consider you need a doctor’s help.

But this is not necessary that the doctor will suggest you sleep study. You might also get suggestions for medications, relaxations, a good work routine, healthy eating, etc.

If your doctor tells you to have a sleep study, this is essential for making sure you attend the examination. For that, insurance can be your savior as the class costs a lot.

Thank you for reading. I hope the article helped you to know about the sleep disorder and study in detail. Pass this article to your friends and family going through sleep disorders and need information about a sleep study and insurance to have the test.

Don’t try to avoid the simple signs. These little signs may get bigger with time and be life-threatening.

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