How to Apply Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes Blonde Hair: in Amazing 10 Steps

How to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair? Our talented makeup artists have come up with a list of tips to help you determine how best to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair.

Whether your color is natural or enhanced, our team has found the latest and greatest looks which are just right for you.

How to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair
How to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair

Now that warmer weather is here, and we can start wearing those open-back shirts again, you may be wanting to have a look that is not too over the top but just enough to see those eyes popping.

We hope our advice helps!

Often, when beauties with blue eyes and blonde hair are looking for eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair, they tend to choose shades that are quite intense on the color palette.

How to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair step by step

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The ideal makeup look for blue eyes blonde hair is neutral colors such as browns, taupes, rose, or pink.

So what we suggest now that the weather is warmer and you want to see those blue eyes pop is to use colors like gold, copper, bronze, and even a hit of light green!

Here is how to apply eye makeup for blue eyes blonde hair:

1. First Step

For the first step when you are prepping your skin, you will want to make sure that it is smooth and free from any type of dirt or oil.

To do this, we recommend a cleanser and toner combination.

Cleanser: As long as your cleanser is gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, you can use whatever cleanser makes your skin feel smooth after rinsing.

Toner: We advise using a toner even if cleansing and moisturizing have taken care of any blemishes. The toner will just ensure that the pores are closed to lock in moisture and minimize the chance of developing wrinkles.

2. Second Step

Next, if you have dry skin, we suggest applying an oil-free moisturizer before your foundation. If you have oily skin or cannot stand the greasy feeling moisturizers leave behind, you may want to skip this step.

However, suppose your skin is extremely dry or has reddish tones. In that case, you will want to use a moisturizer with some type of tinted color correcting.

3. Third Step

Now comes the foundation and concealer steps.

For those with oily skin, we suggest using an oil-free liquid or powder foundation. If you have dry skin, your best bet is to use a cream formula that includes some type of moisturizing agent.

If you have blemishes or acne under control but just need a little extra coverage, use an oil-free green concealer.

If your skin is fairly clear and only needs to look perfect for a few hours. Then use a combination concealer/foundation in the lightest shade that is still a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone.

4. Fourth Step

If you have dry skin or the occasion will not require any type of foundation on your entire face, then skip this step and go straight to bronzer.

We suggest using a powder foundation for those of us who do need full coverage foundation on our faces.

The key for this step is to use loose or pressed powder, not liquid. If you have extremely oily skin, we suggest using an oil-free mineral-based powder.

Oily skin that is not on the extreme side can get away with regular powders but should avoid any cream foundation as it will look cakey.

5. Fifth Step

Now that the foundation is all set, you will want to use a matte bronzer on your forehead, down around your jawline. And across your cheekbones and blend it into your hairline for a natural-looking contour.

We advise staying away from bronze colors with red or purple undertones because they will not look natural.

6. Sixth Step

Next comes the eyeshadow!

If you have blue or green eyes, we suggest using golds, coppers, and/or bronzes with touches of light greens for your eye shadow colors.

For brown eyes, use warm taupes and rose-colored shades.

If your eyes are extremely blue, try to steer away from purple shadows because they will not look natural.

7. Seventh Step

Now that the eyeshadow is in place, you will want to line your top lash line with an eyeliner pencil. And smudge it a little for some soft definition of your lashes.

We do not suggest using liquid eyeliner for this step because it can be a little harsh on blue eyes.

8. Eighth Step

For the final touch, line your bottom lash line with a dark brown pencil and smudge it out as well. Now you are ready to curl your lashes and apply one or two coats of mascara.

If you have naturally long eyelashes, we suggest skipping the mascara and just curling your lashes. This will save time in your makeup routine and prevent any clumps or smudging.

9. Ninth Step

This step is best saved for those going to a special event or night out on the town, but it is not totally necessary.

This step is to apply false eyelashes or strip lashes only if your eyes are small. If you have big eyes, it will look too overdone. This could be done in place of the mascara.

Still, we believe that false lashes should be reserved for special occasions because they can get messy and uncomfortable after a while.

10. Final Step

This step is only necessary if your lips need some extra color or definition. Follow the same rules as you would with eye shadow and liner pencils.

And keep the lip pencil one or two shades darker than your lipstick and line just outside of your natural lip line. Fill it in for a fuller look. If you have dark lips, we suggest using a rose-colored lip pencil.

Now apply your lipstick and head out the door!

The Bottom Line

Suppose you have blue eyes and blonde hair. In that case, it’s important to find the right makeup that will accentuate your features while also being complementary.

It can be difficult to figure out what colors work best with this eye color combination. Still, there are a few tips we recommend for finding success on your adventure in cosmetics.

For starters, use darker shades of eyeliner and mascara because they will make your light-colored eyes pop more than lighter ones would. You should also take into account any undertones that may exist in both your skin tone as well as the tones of your hair.

So if you need some help figuring them out, just reach out! We love helping people like yourself figure out their perfect look—just leave us a comment below if you like our article!

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