Why Do You Use Humidifier for Hot Yoga Room: 5 Best Reasons

Why Do You Use Humidifier for Hot Yoga Room? The dry air in a hot yoga room can suck the moisture right out of your skin.

Use this portable humidifier to keep your hands moisturized to avoid developing cracks and rips on your hands while you practice.

It runs on AA batteries, which prevents you from having to worry about being close to an electric outlet during class.

A humidifier is very essential for the yogi in a hot yoga room. Today we will discuss the importance of humidifiers for the hot yoga room.

Why Do You Use Humidifier for Hot Yoga Room?

Well, the main reason is that dry air can cause skin irritations and cracks. So the yogi must keep their hands moisturized. And if you don’t have a roll of paper towels around to wipe your sweat off of your hands between poses, then a humidifier is your best friend. There have 5 best reasons:

Humidifier For Hot Yoga Room

1. Protect Skin from Irritation

Dry air can irritate your skin. Remember that the function of sweat is to cool you down when your body temp gets too high — not to keep you always wet! Sweat evaporates quickly in a dry environment, which leaves your skin feeling itchy and irritated.

2. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

It is important to keep your skin moisturized. In a hot environment, the body’s natural way of cooling off is to sweat, and this will lead to dehydration if it’s not replenished.

3. Prevent Cracks

When there is too much evaporation from sweating, the next step for the skin is cracking, which is very painful, and you will have to skip your yoga class for a few days.

4. Refresh Yourself

This humidifier can help you feel refreshed when the air around you feels dry and hot, especially during those long asanas (poses) under the heat of the sun or inside a heated room.

5. Protect Hair from Damage

Dry air is known to weaken the hair shaft and make it more likely to break. So, a humidifier will be a good investment for you if you plan on wearing your hair long while practicing yoga.

In a hot yoga studio and at home, there are many instances where having a humidifier can be very helpful. It can help those who suffer from allergies or asthma, aid in the healing process of a cold or flu, and keep your skin fresh.

So these are the 5 reasons why I recommend humidifiers to everyone living in a hot and arid climate, whether you practice yoga or not. Try it out for sure!

What does a humidifier do for the yogi in a hot yoga room?

The main purpose of using a humidifier in a hot yoga room is to prevent dehydration and flaking skin during and after class. You may wonder why you get dehydrated on hot summer days when you are not doing anything.

Well, the main reason is that your skin loses moisture when it is exposed to dry weather. So if you happen to be inside a room with very little humidity, you will experience dehydration much faster than usual.

In addition, a humidifier also helps prevent and treat respiratory infections because of the hygienic environment it helps maintain.

What is the perfect humidity level for a hot yoga room?

Most experts agree that a 40 to 50 percent humidity level is perfect for a hot yoga room. But I am not sure if my instructor will let us use our humidifiers in class or not, so I plan on using this portable one during class.

Most people don’t consider humidifiers when they are shopping for a hot yoga room. But if you know anyone who plans on taking hot yoga for health purposes. Then make sure that your friend buys a humidifier and not any other type of appliance.

If you have been to any spa or sauna recently, then you might have noticed the humidifier they use in their room. I was surprised to notice that most of the humidifiers used in spas are very similar to those in our homes.

Since spa and sauna owners don’t want their clients to experience dry skin, respiratory problems, or rashes from using their services for a long time. So a humidifier is used to keep the air in the room moist.

So if you are planning on buying a humidifier for your home. Then buy one that is multipurpose rather than buying two separate appliances. A humidifier can be very useful when you have a cold or flu. It will help make your breathing easier and prevent your nasal cavity from drying up.

One of the main reasons we should use humidifiers in our home is to prevent dry and cracked skin around our entire body. When exposed to very dry air for a long time, your body loses moisture. Which causes flaking on your hand’s arms et al. The best way to moisturize your skin is by using a humidifier.

The Bottom Line

Hot yoga is a popular trend these days for its many health benefits. Still, it may not be as enjoyable if you’re dehydrated from the hot room.

A humidifier can help keep your skin and nasal passages moist while also preventing damage to your furniture, floors, or carpeting due to dryness.

You might want to consider adding one of these helpful products to your home before hitting up that next class!

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