Is Grilled Chicken Healthier Than Fried

Nutritionists tend to say yes, but the question remains; is grilled chicken healthier than fried? If you love fried chicken, then the answer would be no. Should you be worried about health concerns with your diet choices?

A dietician can help explain what is and isn’t healthy when eating fried food. Fried Chicken is high in calories and saturated fats. The frying process extracts oils, and the dark meat has more fat than the white meat.

What is Grilled Chicken?

Barbecuing a chicken allows a cook to obtain the same flavor as frying. But grilling and broiling can also be done without much heat since both cooking methods involve dry heat.

Is Grilled Chicken Healthier Than Fried
Is Grilled Chicken Healthier Than Fried

All you have to do is keep an eye on the temperature, so you don’t end up with a charred mess that is greasy and bland.

What is Fried Chicken?

Frying is a cooking method in which food is cooked in oil or fat. The two fried foods are deep-frying and pan-frying, classified as hot air fried and pan-broiled, respectively.

Fried Chicken uses a simple batter and is then placed into the hot oil. It takes almost no preparation time. You rinse, season it with salt and pepper, dredge it in flour, then dip it into egg wash before finally frying.

How is Grilled Chicken Healthier than Fried Chicken?

When grilled, chicken retains more of its nutrients. The basic difference between fried and grilled chicken is that the second requires no oil to cook with but still tastes great.

It also increases your intake of Omega-3s, which are found in many types of fish and other seafood and can lower cholesterol levels and increase brain health.

Grilled and fried chicken is an easy way to get your daily dose of protein, but the best way to keep track of your health is to know what you’re putting on your plate.

Unlike fried chicken, grilled chicken is not cooked in oil or butter, and it retains a lot more of its nutrients. Grilled chicken contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, and K and minerals such as magnesium and zinc.

That is why you can still enjoy fried chicken without feeling too guilty. The main thing to remember is that a serving of fried chicken should not exceed the recommended serving size, which is 3 ounces.

For comparison purposes: one small piece of fried chicken equals two small grilled chicken pieces. If you watch your weight, it is better to choose grilled chicken to avoid weight gain.

In addition, grilled meat allows your body to digest food faster and more efficiently than meat soaked in oil and butter. You may not know the difference between fried and grilled food, but your body does.

Why is grilled chicken healthier?

Grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken because it is lower in calories and saturated fat. But you should know that even though grilling meat reduces your calorie intake, it is still more fattening than fruits, vegetables, and low-fat products.

Studies show that eating a diet full of grilled meats like beef and chicken can raise cholesterol levels. This is due to the high-fat content of these foods.

Why Is Fried Chicken not Healthier like Grilled Chicken?

Many people think that fried chicken is the healthier choice. But in fact, there is nothing healthy about fried chicken. Fried Chicken has a very high-fat content, and it can raise LDL cholesterol by as much as 50 percent.

Like fried fish, which also has a high saturated fat content, fried chicken may increase your chances of cardiovascular disease even if you eat less of it than the recommended serving size.

Grilled Chicken Nutrition Facts

Grilled chicken is a lean source of protein containing about 70 calories per 3 ounces. If you have never had fried chicken before, it is important to know that it contains very little nutritional value.

In fact, the chicken skin has almost no fat on it, and the meat is hollow on the inside with almost no flavor.

They are nutritious because they contain vitamins and minerals, some B vitamins, and iron (but remember that it contains more than two times more fat).

Fried Chicken Nutrition Facts

On the other hand, Fried Chicken has a higher fat content than grilled chicken. It is also high in calories and saturated fats.

The nutritional value of fried chicken depends greatly on how it is prepared. Fried Chicken from restaurants tends to have less saturated fat than homemade fried chicken because commercial cooking methods are more controlled.

The Bottom Line

Grilled chicken is healthier than fried chicken because it is lower in calories and saturated fat. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet is having the right balance of nutrients and calories. Grilled chicken recipes are easy to prepare lean meats without frying them in oil.

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