8 Simple Steps To Do Kpop Nail Art

Kpop Nail Art has taken over the fashion world, and now it’s time for your nails to get in on the action. With plenty of tutorials for all types of nail art styles, there is no limit to where imagination can take you.

Today’s technology is mobile-friendly, so you can choose from a variety of methods to apply your nails. You can do it the old-fashioned way or stylize them with a more modern approach.

Technology is making nail art easier than ever, so you can take your time and experiment to find out what you like best. It’s all up to you.

How To Do Kpop Nail Art?

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To get started, simply grab your supplies—eyeshadow palette (or food coloring), small paintbrush (a toothpick will work), q-tips (cotton swabs), base color polish (white or clear polish)—and follow these easy steps for 11 different Kpop Nail Art designs.

Show your love for the Kpop groups 2NE1, BigBang, Girls Generation, Kara, and Super Junior with “Kpop Nail Art.”

The Kpop Nail Art world has its own set of rules and regulations regarding techniques. Remember that to get the best results, you must follow the basics.

Kpop Nail Art
Kpop Nail Art

Step One: Select a basic nail polish. The color doesn’t really matter, but you need to select a fairly neutral one with little shine.

Step Two: Decide on the size of nail you will work with. Usually, it is enough to cover most of your cuticle area, including the tip.

Step Three: Apply a base coat to keep your nails dry.

Step Four: Choose the color you will be working with. Don’t mind the number of colors, but keep in mind that they all must be light shades and not too dark.

Step Five: Apply two coats of each shade to your nail. Once it is dry, apply a topcoat to protect your art.

Step Six: Try adding a little more polish on one side to create unique effects and designs.

Step Seven: Let your nails dry for about twenty minutes.

Step Eight: Apply a top coat and let it dry. Then, you can start to paint whatever design you want.

How To Do Rainbow Kpop Nail Art?

Rainbow Kpop nails are the craze, and when you do them yourself at home, they are pretty cheap. The great thing is that it doesn’t matter whether you like Kpop or not because the same designs can be done with any color palette.

The following steps are for a rainbow Kpop Nail Art tutorial, but other palettes can achieve the same results.

Step One: Select your nail polish and apply a base coat.

Step Two: Choose four different nail polishes with a different color. Apply them to each of your nails, ensuring no streaks or excess polish in any area. Let them dry for about five minutes before applying another coat of polish.

Step Three: Apply another coat of polish to each nail. This time, apply the colors in a vertical line as rays of light.

Step Four: Let your nails dry, then apply topcoat.

How To Do Neon Kpop Nail Art?

If you want to stand out at a Korean nightclub with your neon Kpop art nail design, all you need are some neon-colored nail polishes and accessories that go with the palette.

In addition to your nail supplies, you will need regular nail polish, a base coat, and a topcoat. Neon colors are perfect for the summer because they add tons of fun to your look.

Step One: Apply a base coat to keep your nails dry.

Step Two: Start with two coats of each color on each one of your nails. Wait for them to dry before applying the second coat.

Step Three: Apply a topcoat to your nails once they are dry.

Step Four: Use a dotting tool to place the beads on each one of your nails. You can use different shapes, sizes, or colors to make the design more interesting.

Step Five: Apply a top coat and let it dry.

How To Do Pink & Purple Kpop Nail Art?

If you are a fan of Kpop bands like Girls Generation and Super Junior, you will love this new trend in laser point designs. Because the colors are so vivid, they can be worn with almost any clothing.

The perfect way to speak your mind at a nightclub without saying a word is with your pink & purple Kpop nail art design.

Step One: Apply the base coat and let it dry.

Step Two: Apply your favorite pink and purple nail polishes. Apply them quickly and let them dry completely.

Step Three: Using a q-tip, add a drop of white nail polish on the tip of your finger. This will make creating a bright pink line pattern on your nails easier.

Step Four: Wait for your nails to dry completely. Apply a top coat to keep the beautiful design shiny and bright.

How To Do Black And Gold Kpop Nail Art?

If you are in the mood to get gold and black Kpop nails, this design is perfect for you. It is perfect for any day, but it really shines at night under black light. It’s trendy, edgy, and stylish, just like all of your favorite Kpop groups.

Step One: Apply a base coat to keep your nails dry.

Step Two: Apply a thin line of black polish on each of your nails. This will give you a nice surface to start your design.

Step Three: Apply gold polish on the edge of each black line. This will create an interesting striped pattern, which nicely shows the colors.

Step Four: Apply a top coat and let it dry, then enjoy your new Kpop nails.


Kpop Nail Art is an easy way to get attention, but if you want the right tools and supplies, you can use them to create stunning or funny designs for any occasion.

Try your hand at Kpop Nail Art today, and you will be surprised how easy it is. The best thing about it is that it’s completely fun and trendy.

You can go through these Kpop Nail Art design tutorials and apply them to your own nails, to all of your friends, or even as an invitation to a crazy birthday party or a pool party. It’s such a simple technique that even the most inexperienced person can master it.

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