My Hair Loss is Killing me: Amazing 10 Prevention For Hair Loss

My Hair Loss is Killing Me. What Should I Do? Hair loss is a common problem, mostly experienced by men. This is a process in which a person loses some or all of his hair.

This may be due to heredity, drug reactions, poor nutrition, and several other reasons. Although it can happen to both men and women, it occurs more commonly among men than women.

Hair loss affects people’s psyche, and they have to deal with a lot of psychological issues. The constant thought that “I look ugly” leads the person to depression and low self-esteem.

My Hair Loss is Killing Me. What Should I Do?

The first step is always finding out the cause behind your hair loss, then choosing a treatment or cure for it. In case you are suffering from alopecia areata.

My Hair Loss is Killing Me
My Hair Loss is Killing Me

Which is a type of hair loss that happens due to an autoimmune disorder, then you should choose the right treatment after consulting your doctor.

There are also other types of alopecia which include:

Alopecia Universalis

Laser Therapy

Some people opt for laser therapy to increase the growth of their hair. This treatment gains popularity because it does not cause any side effects and is also non-invasive. It allows the production of collagen, which promotes hair growth.

It stimulates blood flow in the scalp, which results in the nourishment of hair follicles. The existing hair becomes stronger, and the new hair starts to grow.

To get this treatment, you need to consult a dermatologist or a certified laser therapist near you.


This is a topical agent that helps in stimulating the growth of hair on your scalp. It contains Minoxidil, which can be easily applied to the scalp to stop further hair loss.

This is very effective in women, but it requires continuous use for at least 4 months to get positive results. The minoxidil lotion or solution can take 6-12 months before you notice new hair growth on your head.

It is also important that you follow certain dos and don’ts when using Rogaine. This includes

Using a good shampoo and conditioner Daily hair brushing Do not use Rogaine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid washing your hair for 2-3 hours before applying it to your scalp.

Use the lotion twice daily, morning and night but follow the instructions provided by your dermatologist. You can also use the solution once in the morning and leave it on your scalp.

Amazing 10 Prevention for Hair Loss

1. Regular Medication

Some medications may cause hair loss and lead to baldness if taken for a long time. Once you stop taking these drugs, you can get back your normal hair growth cycle again.

However, this may take a few months or maybe years.

2. Trichotillomania

This is a psychological disorder in which the person cannot stop pulling out his hair from the head, eyebrows, and other parts of the face or body. The cause for this condition varies from person to person, and it starts in most cases after 18 years of age.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety lead to many other physical problems like hypertension, digestive disorders, or such diseases.

Stress and Anxiety
Stress and Anxiety

4. Scalp Irritation

After washing your hair, using an unclean towel can cause irritation on the scalp, resulting in dandruff and other infections. As a thumb rule, never rub the scalp too hard with the towel. After washing your hair, gently dab it and let it dry naturally.

5. Wrong Hair Care

Haircare is an important aspect that needs to be looked into during hair treatments or after going through a harsh hair treatment procedure like dyeing or bleaching.

You need to take lots of care while washing your hair. Ensure to use a mild shampoo. Never wash your hair every day as it can strip off the natural sebum from the scalp, which acts as a natural conditioner for your hair.

Also, avoid using any kind of oil on the scalp or applying it too close to the roots if you have thin hair.

6. Poor Diet

A balanced diet is very important for the overall wellbeing of the body, including hair growth and thickness. You need to ensure that you get all the essential nutrients daily like proteins, calcium, iron, etc.

7. Smoking And Alcohol Abuse

Smoking is one of the leading causes of hair loss in both men and women.

Alcohol abuse can lead to vitamin deficiencies in the body and a lack of proper sleep, affecting hair health. So if you love your locks, avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

8. Harsh Chemicals In Hair Products

This is another leading cause of hair loss in many people. Make sure that you get good hair products that are free from harsh chemicals. People often go for cheaper options in hair care, leading to the loss of precious hair.

9. Hormonal Changes

Hair loss can be caused due to hormonal imbalances too. If you notice sudden changes in the volume or texture of your hair, visit a doctor who can help you with it.

10. Ageing

As we age, the production of keratin that helps strengthen the hair weakens, which makes small incidences into big problems when it comes to loss of hair.

Rogaine is quite popular among people trying to stop their baldness or maintain a normal hair growth cycle. It uses Minoxidil as its ingredient, which inhibits dihydrotestosterone or DHT from binding to hair follicles.

The Bottom Line

So, what should you do if your hair loss is killing you? There are a few options. First and foremost, talk with your doctor to rule out any underlying health issues that may be the root of the problem.

If there’s nothing wrong on paper, it might just be time for some new shampoo or vitamins! You could also try one of those crazy wigs we mentioned earlier in this post – they can make everything seem better again (for a little while).

But remember, before using any product, always consult an expert first! We hope these tips help give you a sense of relief from all that stress about going bald. Let us know if you have any questions below, and as always, thanks so much for reading our blog.

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