12 Unique Orange Eye Makeup Ideas

Orange Eye Makeup is a way to incorporate the sun into your look and bring out your eyes. Orange Eye Makeup is a type of makeup that to the eye area. It is most commonly used to highlight the eye area or make it appear more intense.

Traditional orange eyeshadow using variations of the same colors that one would use to make a sunset or sunrise. The trick is to get different orange, pink, and red hues without mixing them until they look like mud.

Orange Eye Makeup
Orange Eye Makeup

Orange is considered an alarm color in the fashion industry. Therefore, it tends to be for specific purposes. Orange can be used to make the whites of someone’s eyes appear whiter, and it has that orange also enhances one’s natural smile.

Orange Eye Makeup Unique Ideas

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Orange eye makeup is unique and a creative idea if you are looking for a new style. It is an eye shadow color that looks amazing and is different from other colors available in the market.

If you want to look more beautiful than others, this is one of those ideas that you must try out. Some people might think that orange eye makeup is not the best option for a natural look.


I use orange lids to get a vibrant and dramatic eye. I’ll start by smudging black eyeliner on my top lid for a quick, daytime look. If you have time, sweep gold eyeshadow into it for a more subtle evening look.

Alternatively, you can also apply brown eyeshadow and blend it into the black eyeliner while creating a gradient with gold. For daytime, adding some mascara to the top lashes will dress it up while still looking natural.


Orange can also be used as a pop of color for the eyes. I blend orange and gold on my lid for this look, then add some black eyeliner to give it an extra boost.

Orange is bright but not too intense, making it a safe way to wear vibrant colors. My other suggestions are pink and blue; pink works really well with orange as well.


Orange and brown are a classic combination that still works today. If you want to add orange to the crease, use a matte orange eyeshadow without shimmer or glitter! The key here is keeping it matte so it will blend into your crease well.


Pink and blue make more sense for people with lighter hair, but orange can also look great. You just have to be more careful that it doesn’t end up looking like clown makeup!

I suggest using a matte orange eyeshadow and starting by sweeping it underneath your bottom lashes for a natural daytime look. For an evening look, add some black eyeliner.


No one can dispute that red and purple are the “it” colors of the season. There is a reason behind it, as well.


Red and purple are both colors that contrast nicely with any skin tone, so they make for an easy addition if you’re not sure what to wear. They also work well together and provide a nice twist on a classic pairing of pinks, oranges, and reds.


Black and orange also make a nice pairing if you’re looking to tone down an intense blue or purple look. Be sure to use matte colors to blend easily into the crease.

Because black will overpower shiny purples and blues! Orange is bright but not too strong, making this a great way to balance out the look without going overboard.


The great thing about orange is that it pairs well with every color, even blue! Blue and orange make a nice contrast in colors that add a little pop of color to your lids.

While still looking natural (instead of going big or going home colors, like yellow or purple). You can also try out dark teal on the lids with matte orange in the crease.

8. Orange and Yellow

Orange and yellow are fantastic because orange is a little more intense than yellow but not as harsh. If you can’t choose between the two, then go for an eye makeup look that combines both of them! Orange will pair better with yellow in the crease, so this isn’t one to try out on your lower lash line.


Bronze and orange are two colors that balance out each other really well because they’re both warm. Start by applying brown shadows to your lids with a small brush to get a natural but dramatic look.

Then using the same brush, apply bronzer in the crease but keep it soft, it blends into the brown. Finally, take an orange eyeshadow and use a smaller brush to apply it from the crease into the bronze.


If you’re going for an orange smokey eye, start with peach on your lid. Peach is a shade that brings out the best in orange while remaining pop-worthy without being too intense. It’s one of my favorite go-to shades because it will work well with any other color!

11. Light Purple and Orange

Purple is bright, so you may want to go for a softer shade such as light purple on your lids. Soft shades of purple can sometimes wash out someone with darker skin.

But the mix with orange gives this eye makeup look an unexpected pop of color! You’ll want to skip out on shimmer or glitter because they will overpower the other colors too much.

12. Blue and Orange

Blue is another color that looks great with orange, but it’s a little trickier to work with. Blue eyeshadows are widely available, but if you’re looking for an orange one. Then I suggest trying out a matte shade such as the ones from Stila, which can be purchased at Macy’s.

The Bottom Line

Orange eye makeup is a new trend that has been popping up all over the Internet, and for a good reason. This color stands out beautifully against brown eyes, making them pop unlike any other shade of orange could do.

It’s also perfect for those who want to have fun with their look without going overboard with bright colors or heavy shading. If you’re on the fence about trying this particular style of makeup artistry, we urge you to try it!

The best part? You can wear anything else in your outfit while rocking an orange eye shadow. Because there are no restrictions when it comes to what goes well and doesn’t go well together!

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