Step by Step Peacock Eye Makeup Tutorial: Best 10 Ideas

Peacock eye makeup is the hottest trend in the fashion industry. To get this look, use a dark eyeshadow with glitter on your eyelids and then smudge it upwards so that the eyeshadows peaks out of your lashes.

This will create an intense yet elegant look for any special occasion. With a range of peacock eye makeup tips on how to achieve this look, the following will help you perfect this style.

First, apply an eyelid primer to your eyelids to keep the shadow in place all day long. Use an emerald or dark teal eyeshadow and pat it onto your lids with your fingers.

After this, take an angled brush and apply glitter to the center of your eyes in a diagonal line. This will give you the perfect illusion of peacock tail feathers.

Finally, smudge dark green or teal eye pencil on your eyelids-this will help bring out the color you have already applied.

Step by Step Peacock Eye Makeup Tutorial

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1. Use a dark eyeshadow with glitter to create the base of your peacock eye makeup.

2. Line your top lash line using a liquid liner pen, then smudge it outwards to follow the shape of your eye.

3. Line underneath your bottom lashes and create heart shapes at each end-this will help you achieve the illusion of a peacock tail.

4. Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes, then curl them using an eyelash curler- this will open up your eyes even more.

5. Lastly, apply a golden shimmery powder to the center of your lids to complete the look!

To get started:     

1. Use a matte powder shadow, a shimmery color, like emerald or teal, and cream eyeshadow in the same shade for this look.

2. Apply the powder first to your lids using an eyeshadow brush and patting it on gently with your fingers until it is even and opaque over your entire eyelid.

3. Pat the cream eyeshadow over the top of your powder to blend it in and provide warmth along your crease line.

4. Take a darker shadow, like dark green or navy, and pat it on the outer half of your upper lash line in a diagonal shape so that it peaks out over your outside corner.

5. Line your top and bottom lash lines with a liquid eyeliner pen in the same color as your shadow. Smudge out the liner on your top lashes, creating a wing shape at each outside corner.

6. With a small angled brush, apply gold eyeshadow to the center of your lids to highlight them.

7. Finish with black mascara and black liner on your lower waterline to make your eyes pop!

8. If you want more intense color, line underneath both top and bottom lashes for a sultrier look. 

9. Lastly, add false eyelashes if desired. They will make this look absolutely stunning!

10. Your peacock eye makeup is complete.

Best 10 Peacock Eye Makeup Ideas

Peacock eye makeup is a fun way to turn an ordinary day into a special occasion. This is easy eye makeup that will have you turning heads all night long!

Best 10 Peacock Eye Makeup Ideas
Best 10 Peacock Eye Makeup Ideas

Best 10 Peacock Eye Makeup Ideas:

1. Peacock Eye Makeup and Striped Dress

If you’re going to a festival or party, then this outfit is perfect. The bold colors will really make your peacock eye makeup stand out!

2. Casual Peacock Eye Makeup

This look is great for everyday wear. You can dress it up with different eyeshadow shades and false eyelashes if desired.

3. Peacock Eye Makeup and Tanned Skin

Look great on the beach this summer with hot pink eyeshadow! The best thing about this look is that it will match any outfit or bathing suit.

4. Casual Work Outfit With Blue Eyeshadow

This is an easy workout outfit to recreate-just pair a white tank top with jeans and sneakers. This look is perfect for a casual Friday at work.

5. Purple Peacock Eye Makeup Look

Purple looks great on anyone! If you have hazel or brown eyes, try this cool purple eye makeup for a night out with your friends.

6. Red And Gold Peacock Eye Makeup

Red and gold are perfect for the holidays, so try this bold peacock eye look to celebrate Christmas or New Year!

7. Blue Eyes With Green Eye Makeup

Blue eyes really pop when you pair them with green eyeshadow. The great thing about this look is that it’s very versatile. You can wear it to anything from a party to a wedding!

8. Natural Work Outfit With Brown Eyeshadow

This is a great look for office or business casual work environments. It’s perfect for warmer weather because it doesn’t involve heavy makeup.

9. Teal Eye Makeup and Straight Hair

Teal eye makeup looks great with almost any skin tone-just to add some false lashes for more drama! This is a great look to wear on the weekend or at night.

10. Green Eyes And Gold Peacock Eye Makeup

Green eyes are definitely showstoppers, so try this bold gold peacock eye makeup for the next time you want to stand out!

Do you like peacock eye makeup ideas? If you have brown eyes, then they will definitely pop when paired with this lovely teal color. This look can also be worn to work if applied correctly. Well, I think U found the best 10 peacock eye makeup ideas from this site!

The Bottom Line

Suppose you’re looking for peacock eye makeup tutorials or ideas. In that case, we have everything from a basic eyeshadow tutorial to a colorful and creative look. You can find these styles below in the links.

Have fun experimenting with different colors and techniques! Which of these looks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below so that others can try it too.

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