Best 5 Pro Ana Workouts For Women

Pro Ana Workouts are a fitness program created by two notable trainers, Elyse and Arden Cole. It is designed for women with eating disorders looking to improve their days in the gym and out. The Pro Ana Workouts was designed with three primary goals:

It is a high-intensity workout that takes only 15 minutes each day of your time outside of the gym to accomplish these goals. After a few weeks of following this workout, you can see a significant drop in calories, fat, and weight.

It is estimated that the average woman who follows this workout will lose 1 pound of fat per day. This will allow you to maintain your current weight while doing everything else you’re used to doing as far as eating goes.

The Pro Ana Workouts has also been designed for women who have limited exercise equipment available to them.

Best 5 Pro Ana Workouts For Women

When Pro Ana Workouts was first developed, its creators noticed that most women recovering from eating disorders were doing exercises on the floor using only their own body weight.

Pro Ana Workouts
Pro Ana Workouts

Because body-weight exercises have been proven to be safe and effective for fat loss, they decided that these exercises needed to be included in the workout.

Even though they are identical to floor work in all other respects, these exercises are designed to use resistance cables and weights so that the Pro Ana Fitness Trainer can help you reach exactly where you need to go.

1. Hip, Thigh, and Inner Thigh

You can easily do this exercise on a cable machine.

  • Simply wrap the resistance band around your ankle.
  • Then step out away from the cable machine and place one hand against the wall for stability (just in case).
  • Then, simply take a wide stance with your feet, pull your abdominals in tightly and begin to do squats until you are sitting down.

If you are new to these exercises, we highly recommend that you start with only one set of 10 repetitions.

2. Upper Body and Lower Body

This exercise is excellent for building muscle and lean muscle mass.

  • The exercise can be done on a cable machine or with free weights.
  • The first part of this exercise is simply raising your arm up to the ceiling and then lowering it again.
  • The second part involves pulling your arm into your side against resistance, moving your torso around on a diagonal.

3. Abdominal and Back

This exercise is great for your abdominals and back.

  • You will need a cable machine, a resistance band, or free weights to do this.
  • Simply grab onto the band with both hands
  • While sitting down, pull the band toward your knees until it touches your stomach.
  • You can also do this exercise by standing up holding the weight.

4. Arm and Buttocks

This exercise is great for your arms and buttocks.

  • You will need a cable machine, resistance bands, or free weights to do this exercise.
  • Simply grab onto the band with both hands
  • And pull it toward your feet until you feel tension.

5. Stomach and Lower Back

This exercise is great for your abdominals and lower back.

  • You will need a cable machine, a resistance band, or free weights to do this.
  • Simply grab onto the band with both hands and pull it toward your feet until you feel tension.

These top 5 exercises are only a fraction of the 50-plus exercises in the Pro Ana Workouts.

Best 5 Pro Ana Workouts Tips

If you’re looking for the best Pro Ana Workouts ideas, look no further:

1) Eat a high-protein meal about 2 hours before starting your workout. It’s best to eat this meal in a fast-food restaurant (McDonald’s is great because they have a good variety of proteins available).

2) You should be eating less than 1,600 calories per day for women and 1,800 for men. If you’re not sure how many calories that is, I recommend using as it’s a simple, fast, and free way to track your calories.

3) After a high-protein meal, drink part of your liquid calories from this meal. This is not recommended for women who minimize the amount of sugar in their diet or for people who have eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia where liquids should be avoided.

4) If you’re following a Pro Ana Workouts for weight loss, you should do a minimum of exercise daily. This will vary depending on your individual schedule, but this should range from 30 to 60 minutes of cardio.

5) The next biggest key to the Pro Ana Workouts is the diet to achieve results. It’s important to eat about 1,600 calories for people trying to lose weight and 1,800 for people trying to gain weight.

Benefits Of Doing Pro Ana Workouts

Pro Ana Workouts benefits are plentiful. Some of the most notable results include increased muscle tone, increased lean muscle mass, and decreased fat mass.

You’ll also notice that your clothes will fit better, your health will improve, and many people will notice the difference in how you look overall.

In fact, many people have started this workout because they were just looking to lose fat.

After they started, they couldn’t believe that they had gained an inch on their arms, a half-inch on their thighs, or one inch around their waist.

If you include this workout in your daily routine, it won’t be long before people ask you if you have a trainer.

The Bottom Line

Pro Ana Workouts is the product of consultations with certified fitness instructors and medical professionals. The workout has been proven to be effective in helping women who are in recovery from eating disorders to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

I hope you enjoy doing the workouts, and I hope you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits of doing a Pro Ana Workouts.

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