Snow Angel Exercise: Amazing 10 Benefits

Snow Angel Exercise is a way of stretching one’s hamstrings and hip joints while they are off the ground. It is often done before or after a run, in between sets of the exercise circuit, or during a workout at the gym.

According to the Snow Angels website, “It is often done immediately following high-intensity weight training exercises.

Because it helps restore tone and balance to your pelvic muscles by stretching them without compromising one’s stability.

How To Do Snow Angel Exercise?

There are many different ways one can do the Snow Angel Exercise, but the most popular are below:

Step 1: Lie on your stomach, then raise one leg so that the ankle is directly above the opposite knee.

Step 2: Now, keep your hips fixed to the ground, then gently raise the opposite hip and leg until it’s in line with the knee.

Step 3: Rock your body from side to side by using your hip pivot point. Then, lower your knee down to about 90 degrees angle (not straight).

Snow Angel Exercise
Snow Angel Exercise

Step 4: Repeat the exercise on your other side.

Step 5: Next, extend both legs out at a 90-degree angle and place your feet together. From here, rock from side to side by using your hips as a pivot point.

Step 6: Finally, put your knees together, then roll over and extend onto your back.

Snow Angel Exercise can be done at home or at the gym.

10 Benefits Of Snow Angel Exercise

1. This exercise loosens up the muscles around the hip and buttocks, which can become tight from too much running (See: Why Does My Butt-Hurt When I Run?)

2. It strengthens the back muscles, abdominal muscles, and gluteal muscles because you have to stabilize yourself while doing it.

3. It improves your balance; Snow Angel Exercise requires a good sense of equilibrium to maintain your stability while lying on the ground and moving your hips from side to side.

4. It strengthens the gluteal muscles and hip flexors, which can weaken from bad form and lack of use.

5. It helps build total-body strength by increasing the legs, back, and abdomen muscle strength.

6. It improves your hips flexibility and helps to balance out your pelvis because it uses both legs at once.

7. It increases your limberness and agility.

8. It is good for your cardiovascular system because it works the hamstrings, thighs, gluteal muscles, and back and abdominal muscles.

9. It improves your balance and coordination by using the weight of your body to shift from side to side rather than just moving forward or backward.

10. It stretches muscles that become tight from too much running.

It can be very preparatory to the body to begin any kind of exercise session (and according to many, it also makes you look hot!).

Snow Angel Exercise is quite popular, and as a result, one can find many videos on YouTube covering its instructions. There are also many interesting posts on Snow Angel Exercise, such as this one asked users to describe Snow Angel Exercise in three words or less.

Why Do You Do Snow Angel Exercise?

This exercise is done primarily to improve one’s flexibility, balance, and coordination for recreational purposes. However, it can also be used in physical therapy to help restore the function of a person’s pelvis and back muscles due to injury or paralysis.

Snow Angel Exercise is safe for most people as it targets multiple muscle groups around the hips, buttock, and lower back.

The exercise can provide relief for the following kinds of pain:

1. Back pain

2. Hip pain

3. Sciatica

4. Lower back pain

5. Lumbar pain

6. Low back pain

7. Lower-back stiffness

8. Stress

In addition to these ailments, it can also be very effective in helping with the following:

1. Menopause symptoms

2. PMS symptoms

3. Sciatica caused by muscle spasms 

4. Ankylosing spondylitis and other types of arthritis or rheumatic disease that cause inflammation of the joints

5. Fibromyalgia

6. Restless leg syndrome

7. Joint and back pain caused by sleeping on your stomach

Snow Angel Exercise can be a great way to warm up for other exercises, such as running, circuit training, or yoga (Snow Angel Exercise is also sometimes done in a yoga class).

It can also be used as a cooling down exercise following another workout because it helps relax the muscles and improve posture after working them hard (i.e., running).

The Bottom Line

Snow Angel Exercise is a great way to warm up and cool down the body and improve balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and strength.

It’s also very helpful in alleviating back and lower back pain because it works the muscles of the abdomen and those along the spine through stretching.

Snow Angel Exercise is most effective when done regularly because your body will be more flexible when you do it frequently—and it will feel more comfortable.

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