10 Amazing Tribal Nail Art Ideas

Tribal Nail Art is a unique trend in design that is becoming very popular in the United Nations world.

These thin designs are made by simple lines, dots, or shapes reminiscent of an animal or some other tribal aesthetic.

The best part about this nail art is it can be done at home with affordable supplies! So if you’re looking for new designs to try on your nails this summer, check out these adorable ideas below

What is Tribal Nail Art?

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Nails have recently started taking on more intricate pieces like metal and gems. So if you are looking for a new way to design and adorn your nails, Tribal Nail Arts are the way to go!

These nail patterns can be made with acrylics, but it only lasts about two weeks because it’s just in a thin line or small dot.

Tribal Nail Art
Tribal Nail Art

Tribal Nail art is limited to animal prints; they also include other popular designs. One example of this is flowers and bears. These can be done as one large print or small design.

What do You need?

To achieve this type of design, you need several things. Each of these items will vary in price depending on where you get it from, and it is quality.

But the basics include a nail file, clear polish, nail polish remover, nail stickers, and (optional) beads or gems.

How to Achieve the Look

The process of achieving tribal nail art is pretty simple. You start with a base coat (optional), then apply the nail stickers to the desired area (optional).

Then you use your clear polish and paint the remainder of your nails. After this is done, you should have a thin line of polish left on the desired area, which is where you will apply your gems or beads.

Finally, to clean up any mistakes or smudges, use some nail polish remover on a cotton swab.


You can apply the nail stickers before painting your nails to save time and effort. If you mess up on the design, you will only have to paint over the stickers instead of the whole nail.

When applying beads, don’t just drop them into place; lay them down flat and very lightly press down on all sides so that they will stick to your skin. Layering these helps keep them in place all day long.

10 Amazing Tribal Nail Art Ideas

There are many designs that you can do, but for simplicity, let’s go with the simple tribal nail art idea. Before I begin, I will give you a bit of background about this design.

This is a very unique and intricate design that fits in with modern-day aesthetics and trends. Also, if not done properly, it looks quite awful.

1. Like every other DIY, start with a few good tools!

2. Start off by using your nail file to make sure the edges of your nails are filed and somewhat even. Then use your clear polish to paint the cleaned and dried nails. The key is to have the polish not too thick or too thin.

3. After you put the polish on, use your nail stickers to cover the edges of your nails. You do this by placing them over the desired area and smoothing them across the nail with your fingers.

After applying the stickers, let them sit for a few minutes to ensure they are sticking properly.

After this is done, lay your gems or beads down over the sticker lines where you want them to be on your nails. If using beads and gems, apply more pressure with your fingers for a better result (see picture below).

4. After the gems/beads are applied, you should have some excess polish on your nails. I recommend wiping it off with a cotton swab, but you can use your regular nail polish brush to wipe off the excess polish if you have a steady hand.

5. After you’re finished, make sure to seal it down with a top coat!

6. If you want to add another layer of polish, I recommend using a different color that is slightly lighter than your base color but not too light. For example, if you put on a white base, then paint it with a teal blue polish.

7. If you are doing both designs simultaneously, do so on the same nail and give each design enough time to dry before doing the next one over it. This will prevent smudging and messiness between them.

8. If you want to add more designs to your nails but don’t have any stickers laying around, then you can use a nail shape/design (think New York City skyline).

9. Another way to add more designs is by using clipboards and paper or cardstock. Make sure to get it as close as possible to the size of your nail before applying.

Then copy the design and cut it out. This way, you can accomplish both designs at the same time.

10. If you want to add more designs but don’t have any stamping plates, use acetone/nail polish remover and some white school glue to make your own stamping plate.

The Bottom Line

This is the end of my article on Tribal Nail Art. I hope it was useful and gave you an idea or two for your next nail design. Next time I will be back with a little recap of my trip to New York City.

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