13 Best Different Types of Eye Makeup You Need to Know

There are different types of Eye Makeup that women use nowadays. They use eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and so on.

There are many makeup brands, but it is important to know what you want before buying anything because each type has a specific purpose.

Types Of Eye Makeup
Types Of Eye Makeup

Here are 13 popular types of eye makeup that every woman should know about

13 Best Different Types of Eye Makeup

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1. Smokey Look

Although this type is not new, it is still becoming a thing nowadays among women. They love to use eyeshadow with brown color to create this specific look.

This trick will be used to make their eyes more attractive and noticeable for sure. They will use the color in the middle of the eyelid to blend it toward the outside area. Some women are also using a light eyeshadow to make their look different.

2. Hooded Eyes

Most people have this type of eye makeup nowadays because it is so popular these days. If you have this type of eyes, then it means that the area around your eyes is getting bigger. Therefore, we can make people notice your eyes easily.

Some women love to wear hooded eyeliner to give themselves a more attractive look. Most of them use pencil liners that are suitable for their eyelids. And if you want to give your look a better one, you can also choose another type of liner such as liquid liner.

3. Thin Brows

If you have this type of eye makeup, then there are some things that you should do to make it look smoother and natural. The first thing you can try is to curl your eyelashes with a curler tool before applying mascara.

And for eyebrows, it is recommended for women who have this kind of eye makeup to use an eyebrow pencil or powder color instead of using the liquid form, which looks thicker than before.

In addition, they can also use eyeshadow too but not so dark. Because we just need to create the illusion of full eyebrows to make our face look great and more attractive.

Some people might use more than one color on their brows to make it look full and natural. This is why you should choose the right colors for your eye makeup.

4. Hooded Eyebrows

many women who have this kind of eye makeup try to shape or draw their eyebrows to look good and naturally beautiful.

The first thing they do is try to find out what kind of eyebrow pencil will be suitable for them to apply eyebrow liners carefully towards their eyes.

Hooded Eyebrows
Hooded Eyebrows

In addition, some women also like using gel liner, which is thicker than a liquid liner. Still, you need to be careful when applying it. If you get too much, your eyebrow will become unnatural and thick.

5. Natural Look

Among women nowadays, this makeup is becoming a thing as well. Some women try to make their eyes look bigger and cuter to be more attractive for sure.

One of the most popular tricks that they can do is by applying mascara on their eyelashes. Some people also use eyeliner or crayon liners to make their eyes more noticeable. Still, they need to remember not too thick because it will look bad if you do such things.

6. Bigger Eyes

There are many ways for us to make our eyes bigger naturally, even without using anything. To create this specific eye makeup, you should apply waterproof mascara instead of another type of mascara that might fall down to your eyes after a few hours.

In addition, to make your eyes even more noticeable and bigger, you should also apply dark colors on your eyelids, such as brown color or black.

7. Cat Eyes

This kind of eye makeup has been liked by many women in the past. Because it is beautiful and straightforward. If you want to try cat eyes makeup, then it means that you should apply dark eyeshadow on your eyelids.

And then curl your lashes. Put on some mascara before drawing a line from the center of your eye toward the end. And just make sure that your eyeliner is thick enough to attract people’s attention for sure.

8. Gradient Eyes

This kind of eye makeup is becoming so popular nowadays because you can use it at any time. It looks so fashionable as well.

If you want to apply gradient eyes, you should make sure that the eyeliner. Which you are using must be waterproof because on sunny days.


The water that comes from the air conditioner might be splashing onto your eyelids. And if you do not have such eyeliner on them, your whole look will turn out like this. At least, we can try to use gel liners to make our gradients more visible.

9. Simple Eyes

Some women just like simple things, so they prefer not too thick or special types of eye makeup on their faces. The best way to create a natural look is by applying eyeliner at the corner of their eyes and applying mascara.

If they want to become more sophisticated, then it means that they have to use crayon liners on their eyes to find out what kind of style will suit them best, such as a curvy line or straight line.

10. Natural Dark Eyes

Suppose you are a woman who has natural dark eyes. In that case, you do not need to worry about that anymore because there are so many ways to make your eye makeup look better, more beautiful.

You should first choose the right colors for your eyelids, which can contrast with your skin color, such as light brown based on yellow or pinkish base.

11. Cut Crease Eyes

This eye makeup is specifically designed for women who want to have bigger and more attractive eyes. You should try to use a darker color on the outer side of your eyelids while leaving the inner part of your eyes white or just a little bit of brown color with dark blue or black.

12. Smoky Eyes

You can learn it right now if you like wearing makeup but do not really know how to create smoky eyes.

To apply this kind of eye makeup, you need to start applying primer onto your eyelids to ensure that your skin does not look powdery. Then apply some foundation that has a pale yellow tone onto your eyelids to highlight them later.

Apply black or grey color on the outer side of your eyelids while leaving the inner part white. It is important to blend outlines to create smoky eyes because if you are not careful, your look will be messed up and you do not really want that.

13. Simple Eye Makeup

If you have a simple taste in eye makeup, then it means that you only need a few materials that are easy to find.

Just use a simple pencil or brown color based on black so that your eyes will look natural without any special patterns or colors.

You should know that to get better and more romantic results, it is recommended that you apply eye makeup for both eyes in the same way.

The Bottom Line

With so many different types of eye makeup available, it’s difficult to know which type will work best for you. We want to help!

Above are some general guidelines on the most popular types of eye makeup. So that you can make a more informed decision when deciding what products to purchase.

Which type or shades were your favorite? What questions do you have about any particular category? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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