What Can You Drink On The Paleo Diet Besides Water: Best 6 Drinks

What Can You Drink On The Paleo Diet Besides Water? As a strict adherent to the Paleo diet, you don’t get too many options when it comes to drinks. You eat like a caveman, so why should your beverages be any different?

While water is certainly the staple drink of choice, there are other things you can drink. So what exactly can you drink on the paleo diet besides water? We take a look.

Is Coffee Okay On The Paleo Diet?

Yes, you can drink coffee on the paleo diet. However, it’s probably best to use organic beans as conventional beans are high in legumes, which aren’t allowed on the paleo diet. Also, be careful of any additives such as sugar or cream. If you have to have them, then enjoy them sparingly.

What Can You Drink On The Paleo Diet Besides Water
What Can You Drink On The Paleo Diet Besides Water

Is Tea Allowed On The Paleo Diet?

Yes, tea is allowed on the paleo diet, but again it’s best to check that there are no additives such as milk, sugar or honey which aren’t allowed on the paleo diet. Also, iced tea is usually sweetened, so that’s best minimised or avoided.

Is Alcohol Allowed On The Paleo Diet?

No, alcohol isn’t allowed on the paleo diet. It can be very high in sugar, and you don’t need it when you have a delicious cup of coffee instead.

Is Alcohol Allowed On The Paleo Diet
Is Alcohol Allowed On The Paleo Diet

However, if you feel like you must have a drink, go for the hard stuff and only do so occasionally.

What About A Cup Of Tea With Some Sugar?

Consuming sugar in moderation on the paleo diet is okay if you plan your carbohydrate intake accordingly. However, if you want to sweeten up your life with some sweet tea without worrying about sugar, you can always try Stevia.

What Can You Drink On The Paleo Diet Besides Water?

Just because it’s not on the paleo diet food list doesn’t mean that you can’t drink something similar. Coconut milk is high in fat, but it’s non-dairy and comes from an animal, so it fits nicely into the paleo guidelines.

You can also drink almond milk as it’s made from nuts and fruit juice as it’s natural. Just try to pick up the organic brands as they tend to be less processed than conventional ones.

1. Tea

You can drink tea on the paleo diet as long as it’s pure tea and not loaded with sugar or other additives. This means no sweeteners, honey or milk.

2. Coffee

You may have heard that coffee is not allowed on the paleo diet, but it’s okay to have a small one occasionally or up to two cups per day without milk and sugar. More research on the benefits of regular coffee consumption has become a more accepted beverage on the paleo diet.

3. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is high in fat, but that’s okay on the paleo diet as long as it’s not derived from dairy, which is prohibited. This can be used in cooking or for drinking straight away if you like your tea sweetened.

4. Almond Milk

Almond milk is another great alternative to drinking on the paleo diet. It has a lower fat content but is high in calcium and vitamin E. Again, it’s best to avoid anything high in sugar or additives, if possible.

5. Fruit Juice

You can drink fruit juice, but be careful of how it’s been prepared, as most commercial varieties are treated with gas to preserve the taste. It’s best to juice your fruit or better still eat it raw as you get more nutritional value this way.

6. Coffee Alternatives

There are many coffee alternatives for those who follow the paleo diet and want their beverages sweet but without sugar or dairy products that aren’t allowed on this eating plan. Try artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes available at your local supermarket to have with your tea.

What juice can I have on paleo?

Any juice which is completely natural and free from additives such as preservatives or added sugar you can drink. This means organic varieties are preferable, but if you can only purchase conventional brands, then dilute it half and half with water before drinking.

Also, be aware that some fruit juices contain more sugar than cola drinks, so keep your consumption of them well down to once or twice a week at the most.

Again, what you consume is up to you, but if it fits within the paleo guidelines, you’re good to go. This way of eating is all about listening to what your body needs and making choices accordingly.

What dairy can you eat on Paleo?

It’s mostly dairy that is not allowed on the paleo diet. You need to avoid products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle change. This is because they are high in sugar and too difficult for people with digestive problems to process.

However, some lower lactose dairy products may be suitable for those who want to consume some dairy on paleo. These include butter and cream as they contain a lot less lactose than milk or yoghurt.

Is there a season for Paleo?

There is not a season on the Paleo diet, but if you’re using it as a lifestyle choice rather than just the latest fad, it can be a good idea to check the best times of the year for consuming fresh fruit and vegetables.

For example, you’ll get more nutritional value from foods in the season as they will have been grown organically and not flown or driven around the world before reaching your plate. You’ll also save money because there is less demand for these products at the time and therefore the price will be lower.

The Bottom Line

The paleo diet food list is pretty short, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other types of drinks you can enjoy without breaking your diet. As long as you keep an eye on the ingredients and don’t overdo it, then you should be okay.

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