Why Are My Eyes Dry When I Wake Up: 5 Best Home Remedies

If you have been looking for an answer to the question, “Why are my eyes dry when I wake up?” then you will want to continue reading on.

In this article, I will talk about the different reasons you may be experiencing this issue. So that you can find the right eye drops to help you with your drying eyes.

One of the main causes of dry eyes is dehydration to see most people with these problems at night. The best way to combat this problem is by taking extra water and eating foods rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K.

You should avoid sleeping with your head elevated because it will prevent dryness from occurring throughout the whole body.

Another way to combat this problem is by using special eye drops that contain extra moisture in them. Just make sure to follow the directions and not over apply to not aggravate the situation.

Why Are My Eyes Dry When I Wake Up

Some other common causes that you may be experiencing are allergies and sinus issues. In order to remedy these problems, you should get some eye drops that are made specifically for use with these allergies.

Why Are My Eyes Dry When I Wake Up?

Dry, scratchy and itchy eyes can occur any time of day. But they’re most common in the mornings when we’re trying to get our eyelids adjusted to a dry and refreshed feeling. It’s common for our eyes to become less supple as we age.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water can also cause dry eyes in the morning because our bodies are not getting enough hydration in our eyes. We tend to toss and frequently turn in the mornings because our eyes are constantly in contact with our pillow, for lack of a better word.

Genetic Makeup

Another main reason for dry eyes in the morning is our genetic makeup. Our eyelids are smaller than the rest of our facial features. And our eyes are more prone to drying out than other areas of the face.

How to keep your eyes from drying out at night?

Using glasses can give you the sensitivity to find a solution to how to keep your eyes from drying out at night. It is especially important for those who swim in water with a lot of salt in it.

It would help if you had some discipline because there are certain times when you should not wear your contacts or even wear glasses. For instance, you should not wear them at night before sleeping.

You also do not need to wear them during swimsuit day because that can lead to dry eyes. Finally, you should not wear them during any sporting activity because they can easily lead to discomfort and also irritation around the eye area. If you follow these simple rules, then you will find that your eyes are much more comfortable.

Home remedies for dry eyes

Home remedies for dry eyes when wake up are among the most effective remedies to bring moisture into a contact lens and eye discomfort. The discomfort caused by dried-out lenses and eye irritations can be minimized or prevented by using a few of these simple home remedies for dry eyes:

Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Warm compresses

There are many home remedies for dry eyes that are in circulation. One of them is using a warm compress, which is effective, especially when there is excessive swelling in the eyes.

Using a humidifier

You would need a humidifier. It can improve vision conditions like dry eye syndrome by lubricating the eye muscles, thereby reducing dry eye symptoms.

Drinking water

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. In addition, practice healthy eating habits: reduce your fat intake, consume too much sugar and eat foods rich in nutrients.

Wraparound sunglasses

It’s the remedy called the Wraparound Sunglasses, and it’s an easy way to treat your eyes while they stay moist without putting your eyesight at risk. You will put a pair of specially designed sunglasses over your glasses instead of directly covering them.

The special coating within the lens ensures that the sun isn’t directly damaging your eyesight and at the same time protects them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Air filter

You can use an air filter to reduce the dryness of your eyes. You can try this method, and I hope you will see a dramatic result.

do eye masks help with dry eyes?

If you have dry eyes, you probably know how irritating they can be. They can also be painful, making it difficult to wear makeup, get proper sleep, or engage in other important tasks.

Eye Masks

The good news is that there are some things you can do to help your eyes stay moist and hydrated. Do eye masks help with dry eyes? The short answer is yes, but only if you choose the right product.

What can I eat to help dry my eyes?

If you are one of the many people suffering from dry, itchy, and sore eyes, then you have probably been asking, “What can I eat to help my dry eyes when you wake up?” Unfortunately, the answer is not a lot. However, there are some foods you can eat that will be good for your eyes and help you heal quickly.

First of all, certain fruits and vegetables will help your eyes stay moist throughout the day. This includes:

  • Watermelon
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Papaya
  • Strawberries
  • Melon
  • Oranges
  • Lime

and other fresh fruits and vegetables. You should avoid processed, tinned, or canned fruits and vegetables if you suffer from dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is often made worse by a lack of water in the eyes. So, if you do happen to get dry and itchy eyes, try eating a glass of water before you go to bed.

Why do my eyes hurt and dry when I wake up in the morning?

When you sleep at night, the muscles and tissues in your eyes relax, and sometimes they sag. While they are relaxing and sagging, tiny blood vessels beneath the retina move and leak blood into the tissue of your eyes.

Why Do My Eyes Hurt And Dry When I Wake Up In The Morning?

When you wake up, the eyes begin to stretch back due to the loosening of the muscles in the eyes. As you begin to wake, these blood vessels start to leak again, but they become bigger and larger this time.

You may also notice that your vision is blurred or that you can see some spots where there was none before you went to bed. These blood vessels may also be red, swollen, and irritated.

Why do my eyes burn when I wake up?

As we sleep, the muscles in our eyes naturally sag and relax. Unfortunately, this relaxing is one of the main reasons that vision tends to blur as we sleep. As you may know, the human eye has about five times more light-sensitive cells than any other body part.

If you have ever seen someone with weak vision, you probably noticed that they almost always have this problem because their eyes tend to have a very hard time blocking out light.

Another reason that this problem occurs is that we are not allowing enough oxygen to reach our brain. While we are in a deep sleep, the muscles in our bodies will not receive the nutrients that they need for them to perform properly.

How to wake your eyes up in the morning?

If you are looking for an effective solution on how to wake up your eyes in the morning, you would probably be surprised to know that there are a few ways that you can go about doing it.

One of the best and most efficient ways to wake up your eyes in the morning is to go through a strict eye routine every day. You may already know that this is the most effective way to prevent any form of eye problems like eye strain or even eye injuries.

Wake Your Eyes

When you go through a strict eye routine each day, you make sure that your eyes are always working at their optimum level. To get the most out of your daily eye care routine, you should also make it a point to drink plenty of water so that your eyes are properly hydrated.

Also, make it a point to cover your eyes whenever you are exposed to sunlight so that UV rays that can damage your eyes are prevented.

Apart from following all of those things, you can also try adding some herbal supplements to your diet. Studies have shown that certain herbs can improve people’s eyesight. It would help if you looked into all the options you have when it comes to waking up your eyes in the morning.

What can cause you to wake up with dry, scratchy eyes?

If you have been using contact lenses for a long time, then you should know that they can cause dryness because the contact lenses cannot stay on as long as they should. Also, if you do not drink enough water in your day, then you will get dry. There are many more causes, but I will not go into all of them here.

Do not scratch your eyes. It might sound like a funny saying, but it’s not, by scratching will damage the skin around your eyes.

If you need to read or paper in your eye, then put a handkerchief under your nose and cover your nose and mouth with it so that the dust doesn’t enter your eyes.

Scratchy Eyes

Any mucus in your eyes, you need to remove it as soon as possible otherwise, it will cause your eyes to get dried out very easily. If you keep your hands away from your eyes, then you will be much better.

If you have an allergy to dust, then you can get dry, scratchy eyes very easily. It is also very easy to treat a dry, scratchy eye as all you need to do is rub a little lemon juice on your eyes and wash it off. If you use this method every day, then your eyes will start to heal very quickly.

Why are my eyes red when I wake up in the morning?

It would help if you understood that our bodies have a natural defence against UV light damage called melatonin. When we are sleeping our melatonin, levels start to drop.

And because we don’t have enough melatonin in our systems, our vision turns cloudy, and our reaction time slows down. So, one of the biggest reasons you’re getting red eyes in the morning is that your body doesn’t have enough melatonin.

can’t open eyes when trying to wake up

When your eyes are kept open, it can often make it hard to focus on anything during the day. It can even make it difficult to concentrate because you may feel like you are focusing on something when your eyes aren’t open.

This can prevent you from being able to read properly or see what is in front of you. If you want to go back to a normal routine, try again at a regular time until you can successfully get back into a regular sleep cycle.

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