At-Home Workouts with Boxing-Meets-Yoga Class

At-Home Workouts with Boxing-Meets-Yoga Class. Boxing is one of the best-known combat-based exercises, thanks to some of the best boxers like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Unlike other combat-based games, boxing came into mainstream media a long time ago. It was not only considered good for health but it was endorsed in a positive light.

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Other combat-based games were not endorsed at all, and when they made their debut in the mainstream media, they were usually given a bad vibe. We have seen that in movies, the villains are good with martial arts. However, now things are changing, all kinds of martial arts are getting the same positive light.

Workouts With Boxing
Workouts With Boxing

People are recognizing that combat is not all about attacking people and becoming violent. Martial arts is also about good defense, and the fitness industry is taking full advantage of this. As more people know about boxing, the overall development in the boxing industry cannot be ignored now.

At-Home Workouts With Boxing-Meets-Yoga Class

Gym instructors are using boxing in workout plans, women are using boxing for self-defense. Parents are using boxing to discipline their kids, and teachers recommend boxing to help the child positively exert negative energy.

Another very important thing is that senior citizens and businessmen are now using boxing as a source of catharsis. Boxing has been recognized as a self-help method vital for the mental health and development of the brain.

People who have difficult jobs or need creative stimulus also like boxing. Many singers and actors practice boxing just because they feel boxing will help them improve their thinking. Another very important benefit is that boxing helps in clearing the mind.

With the help of this article, we will highlight some of the basic benefits of boxing. We will also discuss why yoga is connected with boxing and how this can help in real life.

To make it easier for beginners to start a basic boxing and yoga-based workout, we have also provided a simple at-home workout plan that everyone can use. There are no specific limitations to the provided workout plan. This is why everyone can use this plan, even if they are a professional or just starting their boxing journey.

What’s Yoga and Why Boxers Should Do It?

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuji,” which means unifying or bringing something together. Yoga was the first exercise designed to help the individual calm down and bring his mind and body in sync with each other.

Most people do not understand that when we live passively, our muscles get delayed responses. We no longer stay in touch with all our senses. Even our reflex action gets relayed because our mind cannot give a timely response, and our muscles are unable to respond according to the requirements of our brain.

What’s Yoga and Why Boxers Should Do It
What’s Yoga and Why Boxers Should Do It

To help the body and mind stay connected, you need to dive into your unconsciousness as well. This helps you get access to your whole mind, and you can remain in charge of your mind and body.

For a boxer, the right punch at the right time with good precision can help you win the game. This is only possible when you are in full control of your body. This also means that if you stay in touch with your mind and body simultaneously. You will be able to strategize the game on your own rather than just responding to the opponent or defending yourself. It helps you get full control of your body.

Benefits of yoga for boxing

When we talk about boxing, it is perceived as a very violent game. On the contrary, yoga is perceived as something that will help you stay calm. Most people think that yoga and boxing do not go hand in hand.

They are different and must be considered different at all ends. However, that is not true. Yoga helps in improving boxing performance. Here are some of the basic benefits that can help you understand why yoga should be connected to boxing.


No matter what game you choose, body flexibility is very important. Even for the exercises, you need the body to support every move. With the help of yoga, you will see improvement in flexibility, which will also help keep you safe. 


Body balance is very important because the knockout punch is all about balance. With the help of yoga, you will be able to balance yourself better.

Injury prevention

Getting injured in boxing and martial arts practice is very common. To help you reduce the chance of injury, yoga is a very effective tool.

Injury prevention
Injury prevention

This will increase flexibility which will eventually help with preventing injury.

Relieving pain

Yoga focuses on all the muscles and helps you gain flexibility which eventually helps with relieving pain.

Improve focus

Without focus, you might miss the target, so you need to focus. The best thing so far about yoga is that it will help you stay focused. No matter what you see, you will not get distracted at all.


Most people get tired while practicing, no doubt sometimes exercises become very monotonous and boring. However, yoga will help you increase strength and endurance, enabling you to keep practicing for longer hours without getting tired.


Having full control of breathing will ensure that you stay in charge at all times; this also means that you can calm yourself whenever you want with control over-breathing.


This eventually will help with the overall workout routine as well.


According to Maslow, the highest need of a human being is to achieve mindfulness. However, yoga makes it possible even if the rest of the needs are not fulfilled. This also means that now you are in charge of your boxing game and will drive the game.

How Boxing Affects the Body and Its Benefits

Every exercise has its benefits, but we don’t consider boxing as an exercise since we don’t understand how beneficial it can be. Most people think that boxing is just a combat-based game that will help with defense only. However, this is not true. Boxing is more than that. Some of the benefits that you will notice include:

  • Boxing is an excellent aerobic game that is good for the heart
  • Boxing helps with weight loss
  • Boxing helps with strength and endurance
  • Boxing is great for mental health
  • Boxing helps with better memory
  • Boxing is excellent for gaining muscle
  • Boxing improves blood circulation, which eventually improves skin health, hair growth, and more.

A Simple Home Workout Plan That Everyone Can Follow

Now that we know yoga and boxing go hand in hand, and both are equally important, it is very important to know that you can perform yoga-based practice at home. In most cases, people recommend that you need an instructor. But you don’t need an instructor with a yoga and boxing mix; instead, you need to learn some basic maneuvers. That will be enough for you.

Start With a Warm-Up

Warm-up is essential for a workout. This will help you prepare your body for a workout. This workout will only take 3 minutes, and you just need to develop a basic cycle. Start with a jumping jack and then perform high knees, squat jumps, burpees, and crunches. You can repeat each exercise just 10 times, and that will be enough.


Shadowboxing will help you improve your technique as well as work on your speed. You just need 3 minutes of basic exercises. This will only take 3 minutes.

Yoga poses

Calming down your body is very important, so you need yoga to calm down. To help you with some poses, it is better to complete each pose. Holding each pose is also important, which is the reason you need to know how to complete each pose. Start with cow breaths, then move downward Dog into Updog Flows.

Then you can move to Chair Pose, hold it for 5 seconds, and then move to Warrior 1 and 2. Finally, finish off the routine with Pigeon and Savasana. Make sure to hold each pose for at least 3 seconds. The basic idea is to work on your body flexibility and make the body ready for a workout to add this to your warm-up. However, you can also close off your exercise session with the help of these exercises.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, boxing cannot be limited to attack and defense; it is more than a game, and as most people like to say, boxing is a way of life. Once you get into boxing, you will see that your food choice, your choices, and your activities change with it.

Most people like the discipline that comes with practicing boxing. It is more than a sport, and it has so many benefits that extend to all ages. Even children under 5 years and senior citizens above 50 can equally benefit from boxing.

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