Best 11 Yellow Eye Makeup Ideas For Beginner

Yellow eye makeup is usually used as a makeup look to make the eye area pop. The inside of the eyelid and the bottom lashes are lined with a golden or yellow color.

This provides for an intense and brightening effect on an otherwise drab eye makeup look. So women like to choose yellow eye makeup for their eyes.

You can prime your eyes first with a beige color. Then you can use yellow eye shadow on the lid and then blend it up into your brows.

Yellow Eye Makeup
Yellow Eye Makeup

You can also line your waterline with golden brown eyeliner or even gold eyeshadow. Today I want to share 11 Yellow Eye Makeup Ideas For Beginner

11 Yellow Eye Makeup Ideas For Beginner

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I am going to show you 11 Yellow eye makeup ideas that anyone can do it. If any beginner tries to do it, there will be no problem.

1. Vibrant Yellow Eye Makeup Idea

Don’t know how to do yellow eye makeup? What if I tell you that you can get the color with just eye shadow and eyeliner? This look is a little bolder since it uses a vibrant yellow on the upper lid and even on the lower lid.

This look also reminds me of Halloween because of its vibrancy. The inner corners of the eyes are accented with a dark brown pencil liner. The eyebrows are also filled in with brown pencils.

2. Dirty Gold Eye Makeup Idea

Have you ever tried dirty gold on your eyes? This yellow eye makeup idea is perfect for a nighttime date or party.

Dirty Gold Eye Makeup
Dirty Gold Eye Makeup

The shade of the eyeliner is dark brown and blended out with a matte beige color. The brow pencils are also used to fill in the eyebrows as well as the lashes.

3. Bright Yellow Cream Eyeshadow Make up Idea

Are you a fan of yellow eye makeup? Let’s make the look even more stunning by adding gold shadows on the lower lid. You can also line your waterline with a black pencil liner to balance out this eye makeup look.

4. Light Creamy Gold Eye Shadow Look For Blue Eyes

You can do a bright yellow eye makeup look with only one color on the lids. The soft gold shade is perfect for light-colored blue eyes since it looks natural and doesn’t overpower the vision even if there is only one shade used in this makeup look

5. Light Bronze Yellow Eye Makeup

This is a bronze and yellow eye makeup look that will perfectly complement your blue eyes. It’s like two colors mixing into one, but the result is just amazing! The color combination of copper and gold provides the extra oomph to this gorgeous eye makeup look.

6. Green and Gold Smokey Makeup

This is green and gold smokey eye makeup. You can use your black pencil liners to give the bottom lashes definition as well. Use a matte chocolate brown color and apply it on the lower lid for this look. You can also line the waterline with this color.

7. Bright Yellow Cream Eyeshadow Look

This is a bright-colored eye makeup look that brings out the true golden color of your eyes. You just have to apply a gold cream shadow on your lids and blend it up into your brows and even on the lower lash line.

8. Light Creamy Gold Eye Shadow On Dark Lids

This is a light yellow eye makeup look that is best for people who have dark lids. This shade makes the eye area stand out even more, which adds a little bit of drama to your face.

9. Golden-Winged Eyeliner Look

This is a color-themed eye makeup look that features yellow and gold colors. A dark brown pencil liner was used to line the upper lash line and the lower waterline.

You can also use this shade for filling in your eyebrows.

10. Smoky Gold Eye Makeup Idea

What do you get when you mix gold and brown? You get a smoky gold eye makeup idea that is perfect for a night out with the girls. The colors are very simple, but they go well together.

11. Fuchsia and Gold Makeup

Here is a fuchsia and gold eye makeup look that will give your eyes an extra pop once you apply this on. You don’t even need to use a lot of products for this look. It’s just a simple combination of pink, gold, and black colors.

How do you do yellow eye makeup?

Follow these steps and come up with a look that will make your eyes pop!

For the upper eyelid, you have to use an eyeliner pencil to create the winged eyeliner. Now take a matte black gel liner or waterproof kajal and draw the tight line on your waterline.

Use brown pencils for filling in your eyebrows and even for your lashes. Use matte brown and dark brown liners on the lower lash line to get this look done in no time!

Remember that these tips are not just limited to yellow. You can use it with any eye shadow color such as green, fuchsia, gray, or even purple and orange.

Yellow is sure to complement other colors. So, if you want to get a perfect look for your next date night or party, just apply it with these tips and tricks!

Does yellow eyeshadow go with blue eyes?

Yellow eye makeup can go with blue eyes. The combination of gold and brown goes well with this eye color, even if it’s basic. You can also use yellow eyeliner or mascara to create a soft look that will complement your blue eyes.

What do you wear with yellow eyeshadow?

Yellow eye makeup is best paired with muted colors. You should wear earthy shades that will make you pop. Try tans and browns that complement the gold in this eye shadow palette.

How to do yellow eyeshadow?

Use a blender brush to blend all the products together in your lids. Apply matte gold cream colors on your lids using an eye shadow brush.

If you want special yellow eyeshadow, try these tips!

Brush a shimmery gold all over your eyelid to get the best out of this look. Or else, just use matte colors for a low-key look.

You can also blend brown and gold colors together on your upper lid for a darker look. After all, the color of your eyes is what matters most!

The Bottom Line

There you have 11 yellow eye makeup ideas for beginners to make your eyes stand out from everyone else! Enjoy trying them on yourself or applying them to others!

Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to check out this great article with more eye makeup ideas than yellow!

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