Yin And Yang Nail Art: Easy 8 Steps You Should Follow

Yin And Yang Nail Art is an ancient Chinese concept that divides, or in some instances combine, the world into two parts:

Yin and Yang.

This division is not a representation of good versus evil, as some might think. Instead, it is a metaphor for the contrasting contrasts between what exists inside and that which exists on the outside.

The Yin And Yang Nail Art comprises black and white beads arranged to form small circles around each nail. This design lends elegance and sophistication to your nails regarding its minimalist approach.

Yin And Yang Nail Art Designs

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In this design, you will use the yin and yang beads. On your thumb and ring finger, draw a half moon-like shape with black beads on each side of the nail.

You can use white beads rather than black to achieve a more subtle look in some instances. This design is available for all fingers except for the thumb.

Yin And Yang Nail Art
Yin And Yang Nail Art

The yin and yang concept is all about contrast and balance, with one side representing the opposite of the other. Thus, place a shiny black bead on one side of each finger to represent the ‘yin’ or feminine energy.

Place a matte white bead on the same finger to represent the ‘yang’ or masculine energy. This will be repeated on both sides of your nail for each nail.

What Are The Reasons For Yin And Yang Nails?

Depicted in Eastern cultures symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and health. This Yin Yang nail art design brings good luck, wealth, enthusiasm, and longevity.

Are Yin And Yang Nails Safe To Wear?

Women who wish to enhance their beauty have widely embraced this design. If you make your nails more prominent with this design.

It may be safe to wear at home and outdoors if your bare hands are clean (wash them first with soap/water). If you wish to wear this design to work or take a trip, be sure to wash your hands first.

Do I Have To Wear This Design?

The design can be worn as an accent nail on any day of the week and at any time of year. However, be sure to always wash your hands after wearing this design so that it does not pose a health risk (such as an allergic reaction).

If you are unsure, please consult a doctor before wearing this design.

How To Do Yin And Yang Nail Art?

You can do Yin And Yang Nails at home using a few materials.

For each finger, you need the following:

  • A small, flat brush (for applying the adhesive)
  • Adhesive (for attaching the beads and gems)
  • Matte transparent nail polish or clear nail polish to seal the pins or gems you want to apply on your nails.
  • Beads or decorative items for decorating your nails.
  • Clear top and base coat to protect your nails.

Step 1:

Apply a layer of adhesive on the nail. Some people prefer to use nail glue while others prefer latex, and still, some others would prefer to use an adhesive spray.

Apply the adhesive from one side of the nail to the other and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes or until it is completely dry.

Step 2:

Apply a layer of clear nail polish or transparent nail polish to seal the surface. You will use this later on, to make applying the beads or gems easier.

Step 3:

For each finger, you need to apply 5 black beads and 5 white beads in the familiar half-moon shape around the nail’s base in a clockwise manner.

Step 4:

To complete your design, apply a layer of clear nail polish. This will provide you with an even finish and make it easier to apply the beads or decorative items on your nails later on.

Step 5:

To give a more fancy approach, you can use crystal beads, gemstones, and other pieces of decorative items.

Step 6:

Apply the beads or decorative items to your nail so that they stand out and make your design more visible.

Step 7:

To finish off, use a top coat to finish off the look. Do this on both the front and back of your nails.

Step 8:

Lastly, allow your nails to dry so that they will not smudge or get damaged by friction and other elements.

How Long Do These Nails Last?

The design can last a maximum of about 2 weeks, provided that you protect it with a topcoat. However, if you do not use a top coat, you may change the design after 1 day.

Some people opt to apply the design on their toenails and allow them to last for a long time.

How Much Does It Cost To Do This Design?

To do a set of yin and yang nails will cost about $15 to $20. The amount will depend on the materials, such as beads or stones, that you need for each finger and how long you intend to wear them.

Is There A Way To Change The Design?

It is possible to change the design once you have done it. You can do this at home by cutting out the beads or stones.

Then, you will have to place a new set of the same beads or gems on your nails after cleaning your nail surface. Since you can work with acrylic powder, some people will apply acrylic powder on their nails to protect them from breaking.

How To Apply Beads With Nail Art?

If you want to use beads for this design, you will have to apply them first before doing any other work. To do that, simply attach the beads with adhesive strips or tape.

Otherwise, if the adhesive strips are not strong enough to hold the beads in place, you may have to use glue on your nail.

The Bottom Line

Yin and Yang Nail Design is quite an interesting design worn by women of all ages who wish to give their hands a more distinct look.

This design will bring out the best features in your nails, such as slim and elegant. And if you are looking for a long-lasting good luck nail design, then Yin and Yang Nail Art Design are perfect for you.

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