Yin Yang Nail Art: 5 Incredible Ideas

Yin Yang Nail Art is a popular nail design with many variations, including half moon nails, moon nails, and earth nails. The color scheme is typically black-and-white with a mix of colors in the middle.

The pattern often has a white or black circle on each nail, typically gold glitter. In addition to the colors, Yin Yang Nail Art’s patterns are usually symmetrical, making for an interesting design on both hands.

Yin Yang Nails, or “thumbnails” as they are sometimes called, is a simple design that is easy to recreate at home. The basic pattern has two colors for the yin and yang, but this nail design has many variations.

In some of these variations, the entire nail is black and white with no color in the middle. The term “half-moon” comes from since half of the nail is white and half black like a crescent moon.

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Definition of Yin Yang Nails

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Yin Yang Nail Art is a combination of two separate nail art designs. The first design is the classic Yin Yang symbol.

It consists of two interlocking circles with a small dot in the middle. In most cases, this small dot is completely black or completely white.

The second design is an incomplete Yin-Yang called half-moon nails. Half-moon nails are known as “thumbnails” since they are often worn on one’s thumb or index finger.

Yin Yang Nail Art
Yin Yang Nail Art

This design consists of a black ring on one nail and a white ring. As with the basic Yin Yang nail design, half-moon nails are symmetrical: one thumb has a black circle, and the other has a white circle.

There are many variations of half-moon nails. The biggest difference is whether there is color in the middle. In some designs, the entire nail is black or white with no color in the middle.

How to Do Yin Yang Nails

First, you will want to start by choosing two colors for your yin and yang. You can use two different shades of the same color or a dark and light color.

You want to use different colors so that it creates two separate patterns with no overlap or mix-up between the two designs.

Once you have chosen your colors, you will need to understand how the nail design works and position the rings on your finger.

Since the yin-yang consists of two rings, they must be placed on the same side of your finger. For example, if you want to do a black and white yin-yang symbol, you need to place the black circle on your left hand and the white circle on your right hand.

Once this is set up, it is time to create your Yin Yang nail design. You will begin by painting one of your rings black. You will then dip the other ring into your yin color and place that on the black part of your nail.

Once you have finished painting these two sides of your nails, it is time to add the design to the middle.

The Yin Yang Nail Art is best done with a dotting tool. The small tip makes it easier to position a small amount of polish on the middle section of your nail, which is where you will be adding your Yin Yang Nail Art design.

Once you have added this design to the middle of your nails, it is time to add the half-moon design.

If you look closely, the half-moon design is actually a Yin Yang symbol without the dot in the middle. This makes it easier to create since you have to draw rings around your nail and cut them off on both sides.

You can use a dotting tool or any other tool that will make a small circle which you can then fill in for an even more symmetrical look.

5 Incredible Variations of Yin Yang Nails

There are a ton of different ways to create Yin Yang Nail Art. Here are just a few of the most popular variations that you might want to try on your next set of nails.

1. Girl with Arms Up

This design is made by painting the yin black and yang white rings on different sides. The arms are painted in the same color as one ring or the other and extend down over that ring.

2. Yin Yang Nails with a Twist

To create this variation, you will need to paint the two sides of your nails black and white, then add a black dot over the yin circle.

Next, you will use a nail art pen or fine brush to make small circles on the yin part of your nails and another shape on the yang side.

When doing this, be careful not to overlap these circles, or they will appear as one big circle instead of two separate shapes like in the picture below.

3. Black and White Half-Moon Nails

This variation is a little different than the others. Instead of black and white rings, you will need to start by painting a black ring on one of your nails and a white ring on the other.

Next, you will use a nail art pen or fine brush to draw half-moon shapes on the white side of your nail. These half-moon shapes are made by simply adding details like lines and circles to the white section of your nail while leaving parts of it alone.

4. Half-Moon Nails with a Twist

If you want to add a little twist to your half-moon nails, you can color part of your white half-moon. In this example, one of the half-moons has been colored in black.

You can create this look by starting with a regular half-moon design, adding details like a small stripe around the edge, or adding small sections of color in the middle.

5. Neon Yin Yang Nails

You will need to paint your yin half black and the yang white to create this design. Then, using a fine brush or nail art pen, you can add tiny dots of neon polish on the black side and another color in the middle section.

In this example, we used a dotting tool to make small dots on each of the nails then added a dot at the top with a different color from what we used for the half-moon.


While there are some variations of Yin Yang Nails, the basic idea is to create two separate designs: a black and white or two-tone Yin Yang Nail Art and a half-moon nail art that uses the same color on each nail.

While these designs look great when done with just two colors, you can also choose to add details like solid colors or other patterns.

For example, some people paint the skin tones on their nails black and white with no outside details.

I hope you enjoy my article on Yin Yang Nail art. Please feel free to leave them in the comments section below if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you!

Please note that if you plan on doing this design at home with your own nails, please be careful of your own health and safety.

If you have any concerns about the design or think it may not be safe for you to do at home, then I highly recommend that you visit a professional nail salon instead.

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