8 Best Yoga strengthening poses that build muscles

We will discuss Yoga strengthening poses that build muscles. An incredible thing about yoga workouts is that in very little time & very little space, you will get to build flexibility & strength. Yoga is popularly known for gaining flexibility.

Certain yoga postures are very effective in building strength. Muscle building improves your bone density, boosts metabolism, improves sleep, & increases brain health. Most of people who want to gain muscle are inclined toward free weights & machines. Nothing causes muscle growth as lifting weights does.

The human body is an incredible and effective tool that does wonders for your body. Yoga is way better than glorified stretching. If performed perfectly, some of the yoga poses target the muscles by torching the core & help in gaining functional strength.

Regular yoga moves are a very efficient way for building muscle & both lengthening & toning the body. Holding a yoga pose tears your muscle fibers. It uses the body weight to induce tension. Yoga is an incredible additive to strength training, he notes.

It eases your mind & comes into the consciousness regarding breathing, which enables you to push/pull more weight. Building & maintaining muscular strength is a life-long pursuit.

To increase your strength, you must follow a fitness regime that you love & highly motivated to perform. Strength training is the most suitable option if you aren’t a gym-goer or want to jazz up your fitness routine.

Yoga Strengthening Poses That Build Muscles
Yoga Strengthening Poses That Build Muscles

The postures described below target your core strength & stability while engaging the hips & hamstrings. While you perform these poses, be organized regarding the positioning while focusing on controlling the breath.

While you perform the range of motion, make sure you get the bang you buck. Before we move further into the article, ensure you get premium quality workout clothes.

Yoga strengthening poses that build muscles

1) Tree Pose

It is an amazing strength & muscle builder pose for the upper body, which also works on your core. To make the workout a bit more interesting. If you’re a beginner, then this will be challenging. But, the more you get used to them, the easier it will get.

Soon, your body will start to gain strength and be stronger than you were in the starting days of yoga.

  • Start this exercise by standing on the mat.
  • Then Shift the weight on the left foot & bring the right knee to your front. After that, Grab the right ankle with the right hand & place the foot on the upper inner side of your left thigh.
  • If it seems too challenging, place your foot below the knee. Ensure not to plant the foot at the inner corner of the left knee after that.
  • Firm the outer left leg at the sole of the right foot & keep the hips level of the floor.
  • Make sure your hip is not that high Place both of your hands in the Prayer Position. If it feels too easy,
  • Raise both of your arms above your head, keep your hands shoulder distance apart, & spread the fingers wide, reach the fingertips closer to the ceiling.

Then breathe evenly, releasing your posture every 5 – 10 breaths. 

2) High unge

  • At The top of the mat, take one big step at the back with the left foot.
  • Make sure to keep the hips & shoulders composed toward the front of your mat.
  • The stance is long enough that it bends both of your legs at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Stack the knee at the top of the ankle & point the knee’s center closer to the third toe of your foot.
  • Then lift the lower belly away from your front leg. Make sure the torso is held vertical & perpendicular to the ground.
  • Lift the inner side of your thigh closer to the ceiling, press back while the back heel is pointed towards the wall at your back.
  • Hold it in your hands while lifting the hands overhead if you block.
High Unge
High Unge

Block should be at the widest position. Then squeeze both of your hands for blocking while imagining that you are trying to lift by touching the ceiling. Then take a deep breath and push down the front foot of yours. This will straighten the front leg. As you exhale, get back into the bent leg position. Repeat and breathe 5-10 times.

3) Bridge Pose

  • Bridge pose, also known as Setu Bandhasana, resembles the bridge & therefore, it is named so.
  • If you’re a morning bird, you should practice this move in the morning. If not then I prefer doing them in the evenings.
  • Ensure that the stomach is empty while you practice.
  • The digestion process releases the energy in the body.
  • It’s a beginner-level pose that takes up to 30-60 seconds.
  • This pose strengthens your back muscles while stretching your chest & spine.
  • Calms down the brain & reduces various types of thyroid problems.

After getting in your workout clothes, lay down on the back, and plant both feet firmly on the ground at some comfortable distance further away from your hips. Then place both of your arms next to your ribcage. As you inhale, press your back while moving the feet on the floor & lift the hips.

4) Horse pose

Who does not want abs & hot legs? You must not skin this pose from your workout regimen. This pose is popularly known for activating your core, an effective way of toning your thigh muscles. This pose works excellently for improving your posture and flexibility.

Start this workout by standing on both of your feet, opened shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing out. Then take a deep breath and make your arms go overhead with your palms pressing each other.

While exhaling, bend both of your knees at an angle of 90 degrees while pulling your hands closer to the chest by sliding the shoulder blades down. Make sure you keep the knees pointed over your feet & tailbone tucked underneath your body. Hold this position for 30 seconds & breathe.

5) Crow Pose

After getting in your workout clothes, While you are in the squat position, walk with your hands planted firmly at your front & around the spine. Then start lifting the hips halfway so the heels are set comfortably on the ground.

Then bring the hands back. They should be around 12 inches from your toes’ front side. Separate the hands by opening them shoulder-distance apart while spreading the fingers wide.

Then shift the gaze forward & bend both of your elbows slightly. After that, Place the knees at the back of the upper arms, like they are a shelf, keep the fingertips hugging on the mat and start leaning the whole weight on your arms by making your toes feel light.

Make sure you keep the chest & gaze at your front. Continue pushing yourself firmly by distributing your whole weight evenly on both hands. If you’re able to rock the weight forward, the feet will lift off the floor & you will be balanced on the hands. Hold that position and take a few deep breaths.

6) Headstand

Headstand is one of the challenging yoga poses; it is often referred to as the king of the poses. This pose demands your head to bear the whole body on the forearms.

This pose needs a sheer upper body strength that you must work on before trying. Practicing this pose in the early mornings with an empty stomach is highly effective. You are supposed to hold this position from a minute to five.

A Headstand helps a lot in strengthening the lungs, arms, & legs. This particular pose stimulates the pituitary gland while toning the abdominal organs. Headstands stimulate the nerves & allow the flow of fresh blood to the brain.

7) Dolphin Push-up

It’s a strengthening pose that engages your full body. It helps you in making your muscles stronger by performing a few reps. Make sure while performing this pose, you keep the shoulders broad. Also, your elbows should stay shoulder-width apart, do not point them outward.

For performing this yoga pose, go on your fours as you do in a regular push-up position. Then lift the left foot off the floor & point it straight back while engaging the left thigh & calf.

Make sure your hips stay at the level, hold the position for a few breaths. But do not hold onto your breath. Then repeat the same pose for your right side.

8) Plank pose

Commonly plank is seen as an effect that helps build strength in your core, arms, shoulders & legs. While moving into this pose, you must take deep breaths.

This will help in broadening your chest by the shoulders & middle back. While exhaling, you can use this energy to engage your abdominals and strengthening your body.

Start this workout by going down into the plank position, then lift the left foot from the floor while pointing the left foot at the back by engaging the left thigh & calf. Make sure the hips remain at neutral level; hold this pose for up to 5 breaths. Repeat the same pose for the other side.

After that, lift the left hand & move it in front to slightly touching the right shoulder. Repeat the same exercise for the other side.

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